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Transmission Private

Jordan Greenaway


Jordan Greenaway is Founder and Managing Director of Transmission Private, a discreet public relations firm that works exclusively with private clients to manage and control their media interest and guard their privacy. He previously worked with one of the originators of the personal media advisory sector, helping to launch their offices in both North America and Asia. His earlier career was in technology and politics, where he worked on a number of large national political campaigns and elections. He is a supporter of political and arts causes.

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Determination will overcome any obstacle.

Jordan Greenaway’s Newsfeed

01 Oct 2018
Families are starting to recognise their vulnerability to the media, says Jordan Greenaway

Tell most principals behind a family office they need media and reputational support and it’s likely to send shivers up their spine. While that might be the case, an increasing number of families are starting to recognise their “vulnerability to the media”, says Jordan Greenaway, managing director of London-based Transmission Private.

25 Aug 2016
Business Insider
The rich are getting more secretive with their money

You might think the Panama Papers leak would cause the ultrarich to seek more transparent tax havens.  Not so, according to Jordan Greenaway, a consultant based in London who caters to the ultrawealthy.  Instead, they are going further underground, seeking walled-up havens such as the Marshall Islands, Lebanon, and Antigua, Greenaway told Business Insider.

Jordan Greenaway’s Background

Managing Director
2014 - Present
London, UK
Transmission Private is a discreet, dedicated office that provides individuals and their families with confidential, thoughtful and meticulous media advice. Led by the needs of private clients, we combine practical solutions, tried-and-tested methods, and high-quality advice to help individuals build, protect and project a true and accurate image of themselves, whilst guarding their privacy.

Jordan Greenaway’s Education