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Jordan Greenaway

Managing Director

Transmission Private

London, UK

Jordan Greenaway
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Jordan Greenaway’s Biography

Jordan Greenaway is Managing Director of Transmission Private, one of the world's leading family communications agencies based in London.

Transmission Private works exclusively with families, family offices, family foundations and family businesses to help them communicate with the wider world whilst protecting their private lives. It helps families create impactful personal brands, build powerful relationships through creative communications strategies and enhance their reputations – all the while blending the high-quality personal service families expect from a private bank with up-to-date, modern communications techniques they need to navigate the risks of an increasingly digital world.

Recognised in the Spear's 500 as 'best in breed' for family reputation, he handles all aspects of families' communications, including media engagement, digital profile, family brand building, succession planning, philanthropic activity, media monitoring, family websites, events, reputational audits and crisis communications.

He previously worked with one of the originators of the personal media advisory sector, helping to launch their offices in both North America and Asia. His earlier career was in technology and politics, where he worked on a number of large national political campaigns and elections.

Jordan is a supporter of political and arts causes and he sits on the FINCA UK Board of Directors.

Jordan Greenaway’s Newsfeed

Spear's Magazine
Why HNW families need their own website

Jordan Greenaway of Transmission Private writes "In 1799, America’s first president was worried. He was concerned his countrymen had not fully recognised the risk Napoleon – at the time waging war in Europe and Africa – presented to America if he turned his attention westward."

If families want to protect their privacy, they must share more information

The family office community is infamously private. This is, of course, fair and justified. Families and their family offices are private entities, with the right to not have their business and personal affairs pored over by the public, competitors and others. But, too often, families believe the best way to protect their personal privacy is through extreme secrecy. In fact, the opposite is the case. We should all recognise this ourselves... Jordan Greenaway is Managing Director of Transmission Private

Jordan Greenaway’s Background

Transmission Private
Managing Director
2014 - Present
London, UK
Transmission Private is a discreet, dedicated office that provides individuals and their families with confidential, thoughtful and meticulous media advice. Led by the needs of private clients, they combine practical solutions, tried-and-tested methods, and high-quality advice to help individuals build, protect and project a true and accurate image of themselves, whilst guarding their privacy.

Other Business Interests

FINCA International
UK Board Member
2018 - Present
Washington, US
A global NGO, FINCA uses market-based solutions to provide disadvantaged people with pathways out of poverty. It is the majority-owner of 20 community-based microfinance institutions and banks across Africa, Eurasia, LatAm, Middle East & South Asia. It is also an investor in a number of high-impact social enterprises in energy, sanitation & agriculture. FINCA has reached over 70 million people.
The Entrepreneurs Network
2018 - Present
London, UK
The Entrepreneurs Network is an independent, non-profit and non-partisan think tank, which champions entrepreneurship and makes the case for a more entrepreneurial society. It is also the Secretariat of the APPG for Entrepreneurship, which ensures Parliament is kept up to date on what is needed to create and sustain the most favourable conditions for entrepreneurship.

Jordan Greenaway’s Education

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