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John Mills

Founder & Chairman

JML (John Mills Ltd)

London, UK

John Mills


John Mills is an economist, author and political campaigner. He is also the Founder, Chairman and majority shareholder of JML, the global consumer goods company which exports to over 85 countries around the world.

A committed and well-respected advocate for growth and enterprise, John Mills is an accomplished writer and has published over 12 books over the last 40 years.

Having appeared on all major UK broadcasters including Radio 4 The Today Programme and BBC’s Question Time, John remains a go-to commentator and analyst on issues relating to the UK economy, exchange rate policy and Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

John started his career selling household goods door-to-door as a student in 1959. After two years' of national service in the Royal Navy, a six-month spell at Unilever and a series of other business ventures, John founded John Mills Limited (JML) from his basement in Camden in 1986.

Under his stewardship, JML has become a global multi-channel retailer selling over 15 million products a year. Today, JML is one of Britain’s most successful exporting businesses employing just under 250 people. The success of the company has helped put a JML product in more than 7 out of 10 homes in the UK.

John has been a Labour Party member, supporter and donor for over 50 years. He served as a Labour Councillor on Camden Borough Council almost continuously from 1971 to 2006. John has also been a parliamentary candidate twice – once in 1974 and again for the European Parliamentary elections in 1979. Having been the national agent for the ‘No’ campaign during the 1975 ECC referendum, John is a lifelong Eurosceptic and chaired Labour’s ‘leave’ campaign during the 2016 EU referendum.

John Mills’ Background

Founder & Chairman
1986 - Present
London, UK
John Mills Limited, known as JML, is a UK-based global multi-channel retailer that sells consumer products through TV shopping channels, in-store video, and its e-commerce platform. Headquartered in London, JML distributes more than 15 million products every year in more than 70 countries and employs over 250 people.
2020 - Present
London, UK
The John Mills Institute for Prosperity is a cross-party campaign and research initiative with a mission to increase prosperity, growth and equality in the UK.

John Mills’ Gallery

Other Business Interests

2016 - Present
London, UK
Labour Future is a broad campaign with a positive vision for the future of the Labour Party and the future of the United Kingdom.
Vice Chairman
2010 - Present
London, UK
The Economic Research Council is one of Britain’s oldest economics-based think tank and is dedicated to extending the reach of economic education, debate and leadership.

Previous Board Positions

Chairman & Deputy Chairman
2015 - 2016
London, UK
Vote Leave was the official campaign organisation that supported Britain's withdrawal from the European Union in the UK referendum on EU membership.
Business for Britain logo Business for Britain logo
Business for Britain
2013 - 2016
London, UK
Business for Britain was a pro-business, eurosceptic campaign group based in London.


The John Mills Charitable Trust logo The John Mills Charitable Trust logo
The John Mills Charitable Trust
2018 - Present
The John Mills Charitable Trust was established to support other charitable and not-for-profit organisations active in economic and political research as well as other worthy causes, including leading mental health charity, SANE.


John Mills – Why I founded the Institute for Prosperity
London, UK
A message from John Mills, the Founder of the Institute for Prosperity, on why he founded the organisation.
The past tells us that reviving manufacturing is the best way to increase productivity, growth and living standards
London, UK
Written by the Founder, John Mills discusses why the past tells us that reviving manufacturing is the best way to increase productivity, growth and living standards.
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Feb 2018
London, UK
Raising Productivity explores and discusses issues including inequality, low investment and population growth, arguing that poor productivity in the UK is due to mistakes made in policies. If reversed, sustainable economic growth of up to 4% per annum could be achieved in the UK.
May 2017
London, UK
Written by John Mills, Britain's Achilles Heel: Our Uncompetitive Pound explores Britain's economic history, how the current policy framework is failing and how a new and radical approach is needed.
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Public Service

Councillor, Chair of the Housing Committee, Chair of the Finance Committee
1971 - 2006
London, UK
Camden London Borough Council is the local authority for the London Borough of Camden in Greater London.
London Docklands Corporation logo London Docklands Corporation logo
London Docklands Corporation
1985 - 1987
London, UK
The London Docklands Development Corporation was a government agency set up in 1981 to regenerate the Docklands area of east London.
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John Mills’ Education

Philosophy, Politics and Economics
1956 - 1959