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London, UK

Investor & Chairman

Orlebar Brown

John Ayton


John Ayton is the founder of luxury businesses, Links of London and Annoushka. He is also an active investor and mentor to new entrepreneurs, such as The Bremont Watch Company prior to their launch. Through founding and chairing Walpole Brands of Tomorrow since 2007, he has mentored over sixty growing British luxury brands including Charlotte Olympia, Me & Em, Wolf & Badger, Otis Battersbee, Field Candy and Business of Fashion. His early career was as a commercial lawyer in Hong Kong and the City of London.

John Ayton’s Newsfeed

28 Sep 2018
Private Equity Wire
Piper exits Orlebar Brown investment to Chanel

John Ayton MBE, an early investor in Orlebar Brown and Chairman of the company, says: “It has been an honour working closely with Adam and the team at Orlebar Brown on their entrepreneurial journey. Congratulations to them and to Piper, our fabulous investor, on a great outcome.”

16 Apr 2018
FLYT launches industry first digital helicopter booking platform as rotary world follows...

FLYT, a brand new digital helicopter booking service allowing customers to instantly view quotes from an extensive range of UK helicopter operators and book online via desktop, tablet or smartphone, is now live with the aim of lowering the cost of rotary travel and making it more accessible to a wider customer base...FLYT has secured backing from significant investors including John Ayton MBE, Co-Founder of both Links of London and Annoushka and investor in the luxury industry...

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John Ayton’s Background

Investor & Chairman
May 2009 - Present
London, UK
Founded in 2007 Orlebar Brown is a fast growing British style led resort and swim wear brand.
Co-Founder & Chairman
May 2008 - Present
London, UK
Annoushka is the eponymous fine jewellery brand created by designer Annoushka Ducas MBE and the leading fine jewellery brand in Harrods Designer Jewellery, Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge and Liberty.
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Other Business Interests

Cass Sculpture Foundation logo Cass Sculpture Foundation logo
Cass Sculpture Foundation
Mar 2015 - Present
Cass Sculpture Foundation is an independent commissioning body dedicated to commissioning new work from emerging and established artists. It was developed as a charitable foundation in 1992 by Wilfred and Jeannette Cass.
Investor & Director
Feb 2014 - Present
London, UK
An exciting new retail coffee concept which genuinely differentiates itself from the competition and also transforms into a cocktail bar at night.

John Ayton’s Education

Modern History
1980 - 1983
1974 - 1979