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Jim’s News Archive

The News Archive for Jim Mellon

Jim’s News Archive

The News Archive for Jim Mellon

Jim Mellon

Founder and Executive Chairman

Burnbrae Group
Douglas, IM
21 Mar 2022 | The Times

Lab-grown meat will feed your pets without costing the Earth

Executive director of Agronomics, Jim Mellon, was quoted in The Times.

27 Jan 2022 | Forbes

AI and Optimism: Jim Mellon Wants Us All To Live Longer

Jim Mellon says that investing in technology that increases life expectancy could present the single biggest investment opportunity in history.

10 Jan 2022 | Edison Investment Research

At the forefront of a new agrarian revolution

Entrepreneur and investor Jim Mellon co-founded Agronomics (ANIC) in 2019.

15 Dec 2021 | Bloomberg

New Alternatives to Animal Protein

Jim Mellon, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Agronomics, spoke to Bloomberg about developments in alternatives to animal proteins, and his predictions for the food production industry.

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