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Jeremy’s News Archive

The News Archive for Jeremy Jennings

Jeremy’s News Archive

The News Archive for Jeremy Jennings

Jeremy Jennings

Co-Founder & Co-CEO

New York, NY, USA
22 Jul 2021 | MAG USA

Mag USA and Jabbrrbox Announce a New Cobranded Product: Escape Pods - Part of the Jabbrrbox Network

Part of the Jabbrrbox Network MAG USA and Jabbrrbox are expanding upon the existing 16 pod network across 8 US airports, showing confidence in the popular product and significant growth for both companies “In a post pandemic world, as passengers' needs are constantly shifting, the demand for technology-enabled private space is at a premium,” says Jeremy Jennings, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Jabbrrbox

16 Jun 2021 | The Anti-Architect Podcast

Jeremy Jennings and Brian Hackathorn of Jabbrrbox

Jabbrrbox becomes that connected digital and physical ribbon between spaces," says Jeremy Jennings who, along with fellow Jabbrrbox co-founder, Brian Hackathorn, joins The Anti-Architect podcast to discuss how Jabbrrbox was formed and its increasingly important role in the post-Covid landscape. They also discuss how remote-working trends drive the need for more remote-working stations in public spaces.


27 May 2021 | PR Web

Covid Positive: Air Travel Sector Signals Innovation Renaissance

The brainchild of co-founders Brian Hackathorn and Jeremy Jennings, Jabbrrbox is filling the need for quiet solitude and private “anywhere workspaces” at airports across the county." Jabbrrbox is a future of work platform," says Jeremy Jennings, co-founder and co-CEO. "We provide an ecosystem of technology-enabled micro spaces to give mobile workers the privacy and tools to work and much more – anywhere at any time.

17 Dec 2020 | Airport Improvement

MAG USA and Jabbrrbox Announce Expansive Distribution Partnership

Jabbrrbox will reach more people than ever before thanks to MAG USA’s partnership. MAG USA is clearly the market leader in airport commercial services and has a huge network of existing airport clients who use one or more of their services.” said Jabbrrbox co-founder Jeremy Jennings. “We are confident their revenue management and distribution capability will increase location activations and utilization for all partners.”

2 Nov 2020

Jabbrrbox Rolled Out at Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA)

Workspace solutions company Jabbrrbox said Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA) has become the seventh airport to add its productivity booths for busy airport travelers. Jabbrrbox booths provide on-demand, technology-equipped private workspaces for rent in 30-minute increments. Each Jabbrrbox is equipped with a desk and seating, Wi-Fi, USB charging, flight-tracking tools, terminal maps, and a photobooth app.

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