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James Knight
James Knight is the Founder and Managing Partner of Keystone Law, an award winning and fast growing international law firm that provides companies, entrepreneurs and individuals with corporate legal advice. Qualifying in 1992 as a solicitor, James began practising as a commercial Lawyer with Trowers & Hamlins and went on to practice throughout Hong Kong, Oman and Dubai. In 2000, he set-up his own legal consultancy before establishing Keystone Law in 2002. James now splits his time between London and Cape Town.

Personal Business Advice

If you can keep your head whilst all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you, then you have probably misunderstood quite how serious the situation is.

James Knight’s Newsfeed

26 Sep 2017
Keystone Law snaps up Will Sander

James Knight, founder and managing director of Keystone Law, said: “Will Sander is an excellent strategic addition to our IP practice. His significant expertise within trade marks and designs, along with his strong global business relationships, will enhance our capabilities in this area.”

31 Jul 2017
Rubbish Removal: top entrepreneur leader

James Knight, managing director Keystone Law, also commented that BrewDog was what people wanted as it offered something better than people’s expectation of beer. Knight was of the opinion that despite there being a lot of innovation, Brewdog best attracts the current zeitgeist. He further lauded how Watt and Dickie had designed their business. He was also glad to acknowledge an entity he thought went beyond what was the norm. 

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James Knight’s Background

Managing Partner
Feb 2002 - Present
James is the Managing Partner at Keystone Law. Founded in 2002, Keystone Law is a full service commercial law firm that operates to address the specific needs of entrepreneurs.
Consultant logo Consultant logo
Jun 1999 - Dec 2002
James started his own legal consultancy in 2000, offering a level of service to small and medium sized companies that was not available through conventional law firms. The high demand for this type of service led James to establish Keystone Law.
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James Knight’s Education

Solicitors Final, Law
1989 - 1990
LLB, Law
1986 - 1989