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London, UK

CEO & Managing Director

RGL Management Ltd

James Hayward


James Hayward is Founder, Director and CEO of RGL Management Ltd. RGL originates, develops, funds and prosecutes commercial litigation specialising in large complex group representative actions.

James is a lawyer and investment banker with experience in the US, UK and Australia. He has vast knowledge in identifying opportunities and managing risk and costs associated with investing in litigation. He has run many large, complicated, multi-party, commercial actions and has also been involved in the litigation funding industry.

Starting his investment banking career in 1985 with Samuel Montagu in Sydney, James went on to hold many senior roles within investment banks in Sydney, New York and London.

Based in London, James has a Bachelor of Laws LLB degree from Adelaide University and an MBA from Cornell University, New York.

James Hayward’s Newsfeed

20 Dec 2018
SME campaign group blasts 'outrageous' funding to CYBG

James Hayward, CEO of RGL said: “The scale of damage caused across the country and in key business sectors by Clydesdale’s behaviour is truly shocking. It is outrageous that Clydesdale will receive millions of pounds to take on new SME customers, while they still have not addressed the thousands of SMEs destroyed by TBLs..."

31 Oct 2018
Hundreds of UK SMEs join bid to sue Clydesdale Bank over loan scandal

James Hayward, RGL’s chief executive said: “Clydesdale and NAB now have a bigger, stronger and more determined group to face. Our case is strong and we will issue proceedings in due course.”

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James Hayward’s Background

CEO & Managing Director
Feb 2016 - Present
London, UK
RGL specialises in large complex group representative actions against banks, typically on behalf of SME claimants & is regulated by the Claims Management Regulator in respect of regulated claims management activities.

James Hayward’s Education

MBA, Business Administration
1983 - 1985
Bachelor of Laws LLB, Law
1977 - 1981
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