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Hugh’s News Archive

The News Archive for Hugh Robertson

Hugh’s News Archive

The News Archive for Hugh Robertson

Hugh Robertson

Founder & CEO

London, UK
15 Mar 2019

‘I’m not a dinosaur’: 5 ways to stay relevant in the workplace

Hugh Robertson, CMI Companion and founder of RPM: “Stay curious, remain interested and embrace learning to do doing things differently as we are continually evolving and can never stand still, other than when you take stock, before moving forward again.”

10 Jan 2019 | Campaign

Creative Equals calls for more support for returners

Hugh Robertson, founder and chief executive of RPM, said: "With over 60% of young creative females feeling they can’t stay in our industry with a young family, the imbalance of men and women in senior creative roles is set to continue. That is, unless we find ways to make it easier for parents to return from extended leave."

20 May 2018 | The Times

I had to put my back into selling the big brands

Hugh Robertson was a promising schools rugby player when he broke his back in a tackle. He spent nine days paralysed in hospital. While recovering, his behaviour deteriorated and within three months he had been expelled from Ampleforth College, the Catholic private school in North Yorkshire. “I was suddenly not part of a team any more,” he recalled. “I was angry and depressed.”...

29 Mar 2018 | Campaign

Campaign Diary: Which former TV sales chief just won't let it go?

In happier news, Diary was pleased to report the safe return of intrepid explorer Hugh Robertson, founder of RPM, after his journey to the South Pole at the end of 2017, fundraising for The Princes Trust and the Roundhouse.

25 Jan 2018 | Campaign

How staying independent helped RPM adapt across the decades

The agency began life in a cowshed on a working farm in Wokingham in January 1993, when Hugh Robertson and two friends, each of whom had fundraised £5,000, launched a company based on two principles.  "We believed in the power of experiences, so we wanted to launch an agency that helped brands deliver their purpose by the experiences they created," Robertson explains..."

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