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Hugh Robertson
Hugh Robertson is Founder & CEO of RPM, an Independent Marketing agency founded Jan ’93. Today RPM is an award-winning agency employing 160 people, working globally from its HQ in Shepherds Bush. RPM create multi-channel campaigns for forward thinking & progressive clients. Hugh is a Business Leader with the Marketing Society, a council member of the Advertising Assoc., a board member of the Marketing Agencies Assoc., Trustee Simon King Wildlife Project & involved with RPM Ventures, investing & mentoring start ups Le Col, Wild Beer. In 2015 I walked to the North Pole for The Princes Trust.

Hugh Robertson’s Newsfeed

25 Oct 2017
RPM introduces ‘mental health first aiders’ to help combat mental health issues in the workplace

Hugh Robertson, founder and chief executive of RPM believes that the wellbeing of employees is key to the company’s longevity. He commented on the introduction: "Our people are arguably our business’ only asset, without them we don’t have a business. A happier and healthier team means better results will be achieved for us and for our clients. Our reputation as an employer is also improved, meaning people want to work for us and for longer and we can continue to attract world class talent."

12 Sep 2017
Some deem mental health issues easily fixed by just "snapping out of it"

Mental health has become a key topic, with numerous business leaders hailing the benefits of a happy and healthy team. But while we are making leeway, more should be done to increase confidence in staff to talk about the issue. That’s what we found out from Hugh Robertson, the CEO of independent creative agency RPM. He told Real Business that a key part of the company’s longevity, in a demanding marketing industry, has been its focus on the wellbeing of employees. But a one-size-fits-all solution doesn’t exist – Robertson explains anyone conducting wellbeing surveys may be surprised by the highlighted problem areas. In the case of RPM, it was that staff weren’t sleeping enough.

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Hugh Robertson’s Background

Founder & CEO
Jan 1993 - Present
London, UK
An Independent Marketing agency creating campaigns that change consumer behaviour and enhance value for their clients.
Mosaic Group logo Mosaic Group logo
Mosaic Group
Account and Events Manager
Apr 1990 - Jan 1993
London, UK
Working for ZGC with clients such as The Daily Telegraph, Glenfiddich and Fosters. ZGC was purchased by the Mosaic Group in 1999.

Other Business Interests

Team Member
Jan 2015 - Present
London, UK
A team of 12 successful entrepreneurs went to the North Pole unassisted to raise awareness and £500,000 for The Prince's Trust.
Sep 2012 - Present
Somerset, UK
Hugh invested and mentors the ambitious Founders, helping navigate the early stage challenges to grow the business.
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Hugh Robertson’s Education

Ampleforth College logo Ampleforth College logo
Ampleforth College
1981 - 1984