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Heidi Steiger

New York, US

CEO and Managing Partner

Topridge Associates LLC

Heidi Steiger
Heidi Steiger has extensive Board level experience and is currently on the board of Kin Wellness, Nuclear Electric Insurance and is CEO and Managing Partner of Topridge Associates. She is a strategic visionary and board director with over 30 years’ executive management experience including 14 years on public and private corporate boards. Heidi’s comprehensive knowledge has placed her on executive, audit, compensation, investment and finance committees.

Heidi Steiger’s Newsfeed

02 May 2017
Talent Development

Heidi Steiger discusses the importance of optimizing talent at all levels in the hyper-connected world we live in.

02 May 2017
The 4th Industrial Revolution

Heidi Steiger: "We live in a world of hyper connectivity. What does that mean for your business, for your board?"

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Heidi Steiger’s Background

CEO and Managing Partner
Jun 2004 - Present
New York, US
Kin Wellness logo Kin Wellness logo
Kin Wellness
Non Executive Director
Oct 2016 - Present
London, UK
Kin Wellness provides digital wellness solutions that empower employers to create a positive culture of health within their organization.
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Heidi Steiger’s Education

1983 - 1985
BA English and Communications
1970 - 1975