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Heidi Steiger

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New York, US

Strategic Consultant

Point One Percent

Heidi Steiger
Heidi Steiger has extensive Board level experience and is currently audit chair and independent director at Fidelity Investments, as well as a board director at Signum Advisors, a global strategy and policy firm based in London. In addition, she serves as audit chair for Business Executives for National Security. “BENS” Is a bi-partisan nonprofit which leverages the expertise of its membership to support government efforts in tackling issues such as cybersecurityand domestic terrorism. Heidi is also a guest lecturer in Global Luxury Management at Skema(Paris) and NC State(Raleigh, North Carolina). Ms Steiger is a strategic visionary and board director with over 30 years’ executive management experience including 14 years on public and private corporate boards. Heidi’s comprehensive knowledge has placed her on executive, audit, compensation, investment and finance committees.

Heidi Steiger’s Newsfeed

31 Jul 2018
The Power of Industry Diversity in the Boardroom

Heidi Steiger writes: "As a female board director, you can correctly assume I’m in favor of gender and ethnic diversity. However, I am appalled by the lack of industry diversity that exists on many boards. I was recently interviewing for a board seat for a highly specialized industry and company..."

19 Jun 2018
Some lessons I’ve learned as a board director, part V

Heidi Steiger says: "If you have a concern about a particular recommendation, it’s always better to ask a clarifying question, rather than being confrontational."

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Heidi Steiger’s Background

Strategic Consultant
2018 - Present
New York, US
A strategically focused branding and marketing creative agency. Whether your brand is emerging or established, openly aspirational or discreetly exclusive, our understanding of the wealthiest point one percent of the population can make a meaningful difference.
Independent Trustee, Audit Chair
Nov 2017 - Present
Boston, US
Fidelity Strategic Advisors’ mutual funds have been serving as the building blocks of managed accounts for institutional and retail investors for more than 25 years.
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Heidi Steiger’s Education

1983 - 1985
BA English and Communications
1970 - 1975