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Hans’ News Archive

The News Archive for Hans Vestberg

Hans’ News Archive

The News Archive for Hans Vestberg

Hans Vestberg

Chairman & CEO

Verizon Communications
New Jersey, US
14 Sep 2022 | Verizon

Goldman Sachs Communacopia + Technology Conference 2022

Among many other topics, Hans Vestberg discussed Verizon's market share and position in 5G in relation to its competitors.

24 May 2022 | World Economic Forum

Nearly 3 billion people are offline: Here's a step towards bridging the digital divide

Hans Vestberg discusses three key factors leading to this digital divide: lack of accessibility, affordability, and/or usability. He also discusses the important work done by the EDISON Alliance to resolve this issue.

13 May 2022 | Yahoo! Finance

Women Business Collaborative: 2022 Recipients of CEO Excellence in Gender Equity & Diversity Awards

Hans Vestberg was one of the honorees for the award that recognizes corporate leaders whose efforts have made significant contributions to the advancement of diversity.

21 Mar 2022 | CNBC

Verizon and Live Nation CEOs announce new 5G partnership

Hans Vestberg and Michael Rapino, CEO of Live Nation Entertainment, join ‘TechCheck’ to discuss the two company’s 5G partnership, the financial value of the partnership and more.

18 Jan 2022 | MSN

At WEF, industry veterans talk on Internet accessibility for poorer nations

As a member of this World Economic Forum panel, Hans Vestberg notably stated that 'connectivity is a human right.'

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