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Greg’s News Archive

The News Archive for Greg Johnson

Greg’s News Archive

The News Archive for Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

Rubicon Crypto
Atlanta, GA, USA
23 Jun 2022 | The Debbie Nigro Show

Bitcoin: Rubicon CEO Says It’s “Early”

With recent Bitcoin news in mind, Greg Johnson says it's still too early to jump to any conclusions and that the industry still offers significant opportunities.

24 Mar 2022 | 11 Alive

The new 'economic arms race' | Rubicon Crypto CEO talks about what's happening behind the scenes

Greg Johnson discusses the innovation that the cryptocurrency boom has brought to the financial world, and how Russia's invasion of Ukraine is an example of the industry's acceleration.

5 Jan 2022 | Digital Assets Council of Financial Professionals

Silent Killer: The Biggest Threat to Financial Advisors and How You Can Protect Your Practice

In this webinar, sponsored by Rubicon Crypto, Greg Johnson will speak on the best practices that financial advisors can employ to ensure that they are able to protect their businesses and clients from threats including gamification by using digital assets and Rubicon's effective strategies.

30 Sep 2021 | Simply Buckhead

Rubicon Taps into Crypto Craze

Rubicon Crypto CEO Greg Johnson shares how he educates investors on digital currency, and how it's slowly being accepted by people outside of the financial sector.

24 Sep 2021 | Thrive Global

Greg Johnson of Rubicon Crypto: “Go Long or Go Home”

Greg Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO of Rubicon Crypto, discusses the five things you need to know in order to effectively invest in cryptocurrency.