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Greg Johnson

Co-Founder & CEO

Rubicon Crypto

Atlanta, GA, USA

Greg Johnson
Neil Johnson
Electra Private Equity PLC
Philip Johnston
Johnston Associates, LLC

Greg Johnson’s Biography

Greg Johnson has built a distinguished career as a leader in the financial services and insurance industries, spearheading key transformational projects and driving innovative change. With over two decades of experience working at the progressive end of Fortune 500 companies, such as American Express and Crawford, he has authored and implemented effective strategies and created the architecture for newly formed wealth management financial enterprises. Notably, he was one of the key leaders in executing the successful spin-off of American Express, Ameriprise Financial, and served on the Board of RiverSource Life.

As CEO & Co-Founder of Rubicon Crypto, a company that sits at the nexus of traditional and digital asset management, Greg connects the dots between grassroots-level consumers, financial professionals and C-suite executives providing guidance on topics related to blockchain, NFTs and cryptocurrency. His deep subject matter expertise in wealth management, financial planning and insurance has afforded him a unique lens into the rapidly evolving digital asset management space. In addition, he has a fluency in the dynamics of corporations and the start-up space, including a previous role as CEO of Pulse Centers, an early-stage growth wellness company in the $4.2T global wellness industry.

As a thought leader in the evolving financial sector, Greg is a sought-after speaker and guest lecturer on topics such as cryptocurrency, leadership development and technological innovation. He is often featured on NBC News Atlanta and in leading publications, such as Ariana Huffington's Thrive Global, and is a featured speaker at industry events. He shares his insights as a member of numerous entities, including the Atlantic Council GeoTech Center and World Affairs Council.

Greg holds an MBA in Business Administration from Emory University Goizueta Business School and a BS in Business Administration, Real Estate & Urban Development from American University.

Greg’s Newsfeed

Simply Buckhead
Rubicon Taps into Crypto Craze

Rubicon Crypto CEO Greg Johnson shares how he educates investors on digital currency, and how it's slowly being accepted by people outside of the financial sector.

Thrive Global
Greg Johnson of Rubicon Crypto: “Go Long or Go Home”

Greg Johnson, Co-Founder & CEO of Rubicon Crypto, discusses the five things you need to know in order to effectively invest in cryptocurrency.

Greg’s Background

Rubicon Crypto
Co-Founder & CEO
Jul 2021 - Present
Atlanta, GA, USA
Rubicon Crypto is an investment solution company that seeks to connect the traditional, digital and cryptocurrency investment spheres. It serves organizations, financial advisors and individual investors, offering long-term investment advice on crypto and digital assets in a way they're familiar with.
Sapient Global Solutions logo Sapient Global Solutions logo
Sapient Global Solutions
Founder & CEO
Nov 2020 - Present
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Greg’s Gallery

Previous Board Positions

Board of Directors
Albany, NY, USA
RiverSource is a life insurance and investment management corporation. It is a division of Ameriprise Financial that focuses on investments, annuities and insurance.
Board of Directors
Millville, NJ, USA
WheatonArts is nonprofit, internationally recognized art community formed under the mission of exploring and evolving creativity. The organization seeks to inspire audiences while also giving artists opportunities such as residences.


Rubicon Crypto: Crossing The Digital Divide
Jul 2021
CEO and Co-Founder of Rubicon Crypto, Greg Johnson, speaks about narrowing the gap between traditional and digital assets.
Rapid Scaling of Operations
May 2021
Greg shares tips picked up from years working in the financial services and insurance industry, and explores rapid scaling in the health and wellness sectors.


Greg Johnson of Rubicon Crypto On The 5 Things That Can Be Done To Improve and Reform The Cryptocurrency Industry
Nov 2021
Greg Johnson, in discussion with Authority Magazine, speaks on the first time he heard about blockchain, how the ups and downs in his career have made him a resilient professional and the importance of bringing the "right talent" into a company, among other topics.
Greg Johnson of Rubicon Crypto on The 5 Things You Need To Understand In Order To Successfully Invest In Cryptocurrency
Sep 2021
In this interview with Authority Magazine, Greg Johnson draws on his experience in the crypto currency industry to speak on recent concerns and address several important lessons to keep in mind for anyone looking to make investments into crypto currency.
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Atlantic Council GeoTech Center
Apr 2021 - Present
The GeoTech Center Action Council is comprised of international experts in the fields of geopolitics, technology and data. Greg shares his expertise on data and technology to inspire and support.
World Affairs Council
The World Affairs Council is a non-profit organization that seeks to bring citizens and thought leaders from all over the world together to share ideas about global issues. It informs citizens about international affairs so that they can make informed decisions.

Specialist Courses

Georgia State University
Greg Johnson received a certification from Georgia State University in 'Emerging Markets Strategies,' a program created by the World Affairs Council in Atlanta. The program was made to encourage the growth of companies by highlighting the rise of global markets and sharpening the skills of leading executives.

Speaking Engagements

"Of Shakespeare and Biohacking"
Jul 2020
In this presentation, Pulse Centers CEO Greg Johnson discusses and shares sensible suggestions on how business professionals can conquer the "Great Tide" of Global Wellness.

Community Engagement

TiE University
Jan 2021 - Present
Greg Johnson volunteers as a Judge at TiE University, a program of TiE Global. It aims to nurture entrepreneurship amongst college and university students.

Greg’s Education

Emory University | Goizueta Business School
MBA | Business Administration & Management
American University
B.S. | Business Administration, Real Estate & Urban Development