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Gert Sylvest

Co-Founder & GM of Tradeshift Frontiers


Copenhagen, DK

Gert Sylvest


Gert Sylvest is co-founder of Tradeshift and GM of Tradeshift Frontiers, an R&D and investment arm covering blockchain, AI/ML and IIoT and other emerging technologies.

He has extensive experience with digital, cloud based procure-to-pay and financing, large-scale public-to-private procure-to-pay infrastructures, cross-regional cloud deployments, blockchain and interoperability.

Before launching Tradeshift Frontiers, Gert led the global cross-regional network strategy focusing on platform deployment and growth in China, and as CTO of Tradeshift. Prior to co-founding Tradeshift, he was responsible for the technical design and implementation of the Danish (Easytrade/Nemhandel) and European (PEPPOL) peer-to-peer-based source-to-pay digital infrastructures, with Accenture and Avanade.

Gert holds a MSc in Information Technology and Music, specializing in real-time distributed collaboration systems.

Gert Sylvest’s Newsfeed

What Are The Challenges To Blockchain Adoption In Supply Chain Management? 17 Experts Share Their In

Gert Sylvest, CTO and Co-founder and GM of Tradeshift Frontiers says “Blockchain needs scale. Big companies like IBM and Maersk have launched initiatives, but they can’t attract enough partners because no one wants their biggest competitor to be managing the network they depend on. The best way to do blockchain is to first get companies connected digitally to a large network they all trust, then layer blockchain services on top of that. Otherwise, it’s very hard to build scale and get competing firms to join together.”

Keeping Ahead of the Fintech Curve • TechSavvy

"Take blockchain. This technology is about creating an ecosystem and how you add value to that system. It’s a financial technology applicable to many industries. One of the things you get in return is transparency, and that is what drives an ecosystem – the commercial relationships we engage in and the data we feed into that relationship. The industry and the data sources have been far too one-sided for far too long,” Gert Sylvest, co-founder of the first Danish fintech unicorn Tradeshift, responds.

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Gert Sylvest’s Background

Co-Founder & GM of Tradeshift Frontiers
Nov 2009 - Present
Copenhagen, DK
Tradeshift is an award winning company which provides a global commerce platform connecting buyers and sellers and was set up in 2005. With 12 offices globally and more than 650 people, Tradeshift connects over 1.5 million companies across 190 countries, processing over half a trillion USD in transaction value; its supply chain marketplaces contain more than 35 million SKUs.
Oct 2017 - Present
Copenhagen, DK
Tradeshift’s commercial incubator and innovation lab aims to leverage emerging technologies to build a new, inclusive B2B playing field. We believe that by using deep insight into cutting edge technology and collaborating with partners, customers, universities, and innovators, we can change supply chains and commerce for good.
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Current Board Positions

Member of the Board of Directors
Jun 2015 - Present
Copenhagen, DK
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Copenhagen, DK
Gert Sylvest discusses Tradeshift, entrepreneurship and other current topics in an interview on Supply Chain Now Radio with radio hosts, Scott Luton and Greg White.

Gert Sylvest’s Education

Master, Information Technology
1999 - 2001
Bachelor, Musicology
1993 - 1998