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Gaurav’s News Archive

The News Archive for Gaurav Singh

Gaurav Singh


London, UK
14 May 2022 | CNBC TV

Gaurav Singh & Nayan Gala Discuss JPIN's Strategic Funds

JPIN co-founders, Gaurav Singh and Nayan Gala, discuss JPIN’s two recently launched funds to promote startups in emerging markets.

6 May 2022

JPIN launches funds worth $150 mn to promote startups in India, worldwide

JPIN founder, Gaurav Singh, commented on the company’s track record in raising funds and investing in emerging markets around the world.

21 Apr 2022 | London Loves Business

UK edges closer to £28 billion free-trade deal with India

Founder of JPIN, Gaurav Singh, commented on the potential Free Trade Agreement, and the benefits it could bring to the UK.


25 Mar 2022

JPIN launches CleanTech pitch day with collective fundraise quantum of $50 million

Gaurav Singh, Founder of JPIN, said that the pitch day focused on the need to invest today for a sustainable tomorrow.

10 Mar 2022

UK looks to India as booming fintech sector sets stage for Unicorn surge

Gaurav Singh, founder of JPIN, expressed his excitement at the success of Indian startups over the last year.

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