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Partner & Chairman of the Board

GP Investments

Fersen Lambranho
Fersen Lambranho is Partner and Chairman of the Board of GP Investments. He joined the firm in 1998, became a Managing Director in 1999 and control shareholder in 2003. Prior to GP, Fersen was CEO of Lojas Americanas, where he worked for 12 years and was a board member from 1998 to 2003. Currently, he is Chairman of the Board of Magnesita. Fersen also serves on the boards of Centauro, Spice and GPIAC. He holds a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, a Msc degree in business administration from COPPEAD-UFRJ and OPM at Harvard Business School.

Personal Business Advice

"Thinking long term but acting short term."

Fersen Lambranho’s Newsfeed

17 May 2017
The Telegraph
Healthy fast-food chain Leon secures funding for overseas expansion

Spice, which is managed by GP Investments, changed its investment strategy last year in a bid to boost the number of direct investments it has in companies. Fersen Lambranho, a Spice board member, said Leon had “immense potential” to become a global business. “We see Leon as an opportunity to replicate the great success of a former investment, Fogo de Chão, a Brazilian steakhouse that expanded into the US and is now listed on the Nasdaq,” he added.

20 Apr 2016
GP Investments unit buys Kitchenware maker

GP Investments Acquisition (GPIAC) has agreed to buy WKI Holding Company, the parent company of kitchenware maker World Kitchen in a $566m cash-and-stock deal.

Fersen Lambranho’s Background

Partner & Chairman of the Board
1988 - Present
Hamilton, BM
GP Investments is a leader in alternative investments in Latin America with a strong presence in asset management, principally private equity funds. Since its foundation in 1993, GP Investments has raised US$5 billion from investors worldwide and has completed investments in more than 50 companies.
1985 - 1998
Rio de Janeiro, BR
Lojas Americanas is a Brazilian retail chain founded in 1929 ( listed since 1931) and took over by Jorge Paulo Lemann and partners in 1982. Currently, the company has 1000 stores in 25 Brazilian states and controls the largest e-commerce operation in Latin America (B2W)

Other Business Interests

May 2015 - Present
Rio de Janeiro, BR
GP Investments was founded in 1993 and is a leader in alternative investments in Latin America.
Board Member
Sep 2014 - Present
São Paulo, BR
The São Paulo Museum of Art is an art museum located on Paulista Avenue in São Paulo, Brazil. It is well known for its headquarters, a 1968 concrete and glass structure which was designed by Lina Bo Bardi,
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Fersen Lambranho’s Education

Owner/President Management
1995 - 1999
Master of Science (MSc) in Business Administration
1984 - 1985
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