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Dr Chai Patel
Dr Chai Patel has over twenty five years of experience in medicine, business, healthcare and private equity. Throughout his career he has invested over £3 billion in capital. Known to be a successful entrepreneur as a well as offering indispensable healthcare advice to government, charities and the third sector. He is a renowned philanthropist, having raised or donated over £50 million in his life to date. Doctor, businessman and philanthropist, husband, father, brother and son.

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Dr Chai Patel’s Newsfeed

21 May 2018
Financial Times
Britain’s biggest care home business for sale

Chai Patel has been mentioned in the Financial Times in respect HC-One going on sale for £1bn amid growing investor interest in the sector.

22 Aug 2017
The Times
Care home chief warns sector is on the brink of catastrophic failure

Care homes are teetering “on the edge” and a chronic shortage of funding risks “catastrophic failure” within the National Health Service, the businessman expected to be the biggest operator of residential homes has warned. Chai Patel, chairman of HC-One, which could take over more than 120 homes from Bupa, predicted that six national chains would emerge to dominate the market by benefiting from economies of scale. 

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Dr Chai Patel’s Background

Jan 2011 - Present
Dr Chai Patel is Chairman of HC-One. Launched in November 2011, HC-One is one of the largest independent care home operators in the UK, specialising in Dementia, Nursing, Residential and Specialist care.
Jan 2008 - Present
In 2008, Dr Chai Patel co-founded Elysian Capital, the private equity firm leading large entrepreneurial build-ups and acquisitions.
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Other Business Interests

Bright Future Trust logo Bright Future Trust logo
Bright Future Trust
Jan 2013 - Present
Surrey, UK
Dr Chai Patel's foundation, the Bright Future Trust proactively supports a range of organisations and charities to enable young people to fulfill their potential.
Vice President
Jan 2015 - Present
Surrey, UK
Combat Stress is the UK's leading Veterans' mental health charity. Supporting over 5,900 Veterans aged from 19 to 97. A vital lifeline for these men and women, and their families. Treatment and support services are always free of charge, and are proven to work.
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Dr Chai Patel’s Education

Honorary Doctorate
2013 - 2013
MRC Research Fellow
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