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Dean Stott

International Speaker | Professional Adventurer

Security Specialist | Fmr. Special Forces Soldier

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Dean Stott
Alana Stott
Stott Consultancy, Inc.
Andrew Strauss
Ex-Professional Cricketer, Broadcaster & Businessman

Dean Stott’s Biography

Dean Stott is an esteemed British Special Forces veteran, with 16 years of honorable service in conflict zones and leading rescue operations. Known as ‘The Frogman’, he is a sought-after international speaker, security director, philanthropist, professional adventurer and author.

Dean travels the world giving lectures to a range of audiences, from business executives to students, and doctors to athletes. He uses his past experiences as a soldier to help others develop the strong mindsets needed to face adversity and overcome any challenges.

When his career in the Special Boat Service was cut short by a serious knee injury sustained in a parachuting accident, medical experts advised him that he would not be able to continue to push the limits of his physical boundaries. In spite of this prognosis, Dean built a successful career as a Global Security Director for Stott Consultancy, which he founded with his wife, Alana. He is called upon for personal and corporate assignments, providing security solutions for a range of clients, including UHNW individuals, political leaders, governments and royal families.

Dean is involved in many charitable endeavors. In 2018, he embarked on the Pan American Highway Challenge, cycling the world's longest road at 14,000 miles. Ultimately, Dean helped raise $1.2 million for the Heads Together campaign and 11 mental health charities. This endeavor also led to some impressive personal accolades: two Guinness World Records. He completed the challenge in a record time of 99 days, 12 hours and 56 minutes, becoming the first man in history to cycle the Pan American Highway in under 100 days. Dean is also an ambassador for the Special Boat Service Association, UK Emergency Services Giving and The Royal British Legion.

His 2019 book, Relentless, takes the reader on a journey sharing the experience of his army training, the clandestine special forces operations, his parachuting accident and record-breaking biking achievement.

Dean’s Newsfeed

Men's Journal
Everyday Warrior: Special Forces Operator Dean Stott on Embracing Failure

In this featured interview as part of The Everyday Warrior series, Dean Stott discusses some of the most challenging experiences of his life, from his time as a decorated British Special Forces, his recovery from a parachute accident in 2011, and his Guinness World Record breaking 14,000-mile journey on the Pan-American Highway, which raised funds for mental health awareness, a philanthropic initiative with his longtime friend, Prince Harry.

Travel + Leisure
Cycle Across France While Learning About Wine on This Ultra-luxe Tour

Dean Stott will lead guided tours through French vineyards as part of VistaJet's luxury trips.

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Dean’s Background

Stott Consultancy, Inc. logo Stott Consultancy, Inc. logo
Stott Consultancy, Inc.
Global Security Director
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Stott Consultancy, Inc. supports clients by providing strategic consultancy expert analysis, risk mitigation, and practical on-the-ground protection and support. The SCI team combines professionals from a range of specialist military and commercial backgrounds, and it has advised at the highest levels on security, counterterrorism, crisis management, and business continuity.
The Talent War Group
Contributor and Speaker
Nov 2020 - Present
Austin, TX, USA
The Talent War Group is a Management Consultancy that has the services of highly experienced and proven Special Operations Forces (SOF) leaders, Combat Aviators, Military Leaders, and Business Executives. Their skills focus on the strategic importance of talent and human capital management.
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Dean’s Gallery


Pan-American Highway Challenge logo Pan-American Highway Challenge logo
Pan-American Highway Challenge
Cyclist | Organizer
2018 - 2019
The Pan-American Highway Challenge raised $1.2 million for Heads Together and 11 other charities, worked to end the stigma surrounding mental health, and led to Dean breaking two Guinness World Records: Fastest to cycle the length of the Pan-American highway and fastest to cycle South America.


Everyday Warrior: Special Forces Operator Dean Stott on Mindset and Overcoming Challenges
Featured Interview
Aug 2021
New York, NY, USA
In this interview as part of The Everyday Warrior series, Dean Stott discusses some of the most challenging experiences of his life, from his time as a decorated British Special Forces, his recovery from a parachute accident in 2011, and his Guinness World Record breaking 14,000-mile journey on the Pan-American Highway.
Prince Harry’s Former Military Training Partner Dean Stott on the Harry ‘People Haven’t Seen’
May 2021
New York, NY, USA
Dean Stott speaks on his experiences training with Prince Harry and how he views Prince Harry as a result of their personal relationship beyond the royal family.
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Oct 2019
London, UK
Dean's inspirational story covers his journey of sixteen years in the Special Forces to taking on the Pan American Highway on a bicycle. He leads the reader on his path from the SBS to working in the private security sector, to becoming a passionate mental health campaigner and champion for charitable work.

Awards & Endorsements

Guinness World Records
Cycled the Pan-American Highway (PAH) in 99 days, 12 hours and 56 minutes
May 2018
Dean set a new Guinness World Record, cycling the entire length of the Pan-American Highway faster than ever before.
Guinness World Records
The fastest person to cycle the length of South America
May 2018
Dean became the fastest person to cycle the length of South America when he took on the Pan-American Highway Challenge.

Speaking Engagements

Virtual Courtesy Meet-up with the Relentless Dean Stott
Featured Speaker
Apr 2020
Dean Stott shares his story during a 45-minute presentation, followed by a Q & A. He discusses how his experiences not only shaped who he is today, but gave him an outlook on life where nothing is impossible.

Charitable Interests

London, UK
SAVSIM CIC seeks to sharpen and showcase veterans' skills and use their abilities to support international conservation projects and protect wildlife habitats in need.
Special Boat Service Association
The Special Boat Service Association is a charity that provides discreet support to serving and retired members of the Special Boat Service (SBS).
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Commercial Partners

Vertex Watches
Brand Ambassador
London, UK
Founded in 1916 by Claude Lyons, Vertex Watches is purveyor of fine mechanical watches, built with a combination of British heritage and Swiss engineering.
Brand Ambassador
Mallabia, ES
Orbea is a Spanish company that manufactures a wide range of cycling products, including bicycles, helmets, and cycling attire.