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London, UK

Barrister, Cyber Security Law

36 Commercial

Dean Armstrong QC


Dean Armstrong QC is a highly experienced practitioner who has been involved in some of the highest profile cases of the last decade, including R v Darwin (the canoeist case), R v Asil Nadir, R v Tabak (murder of Joanna Yeates in Bristol), and the cases involving the collapse of the News Of The World newspaper. He has also provided advice to those involved in the “Cash for Honours” inquiry and the Leveson inquiry.

He has been a regular commentator on legal matters both for Sky and BBC TV as well as on the radio. Dean is a specialist in City and financial crime and regulation, fraud and confiscation and where civil and criminal law meet.

Having been employed by blue chip corporates and major City Solicitors, he has a City background and has advised on mergers and acquisitions, directors and shareholders rights and obligations, and set up the regulatory regime for a major multi-national.

In recent years he has become increasingly involved in all matters cyber and he is co-author of Cyber Security Law and Practice, an authoritative and thorough textbook in this new area. Dean lectures extensively on this subject and in recent times, has been asked to speak to high profile entities on GDPR. Dean is also the Chairman of the Elias Partnership which help organisations & senior managers achieve a legally defensible position in face of GDPR and the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR) and has advised the Law Commission on proposed changes to domestic data protection law.

Dean Armstrong QC’s Newsfeed

07 Jan 2019
The Telegraph
Data now as important a commodity as oil, leading QC says

Dean Armstrong QC, an expert in cyber law, said as it becomes possible to collect ever more data businesses will have to ensure that they tell their customers exactly what they are handing over and why...Mr Armstrong, co-author of Cyber Security Law and Practice, said data is now a "commodity as important as oil" and how it is used is now one of the biggest single issues which can "make or break" a company and its reputation.

19 Oct 2018
Cyber security focus at next month's International Security Expo

The Cyber Conference features ... the country’s leading QC, who will either prosecute you or defend you, Dean Armstrong QC, drills into the real risks and how they can bite.

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Dean Armstrong QC’s Background

Barrister, Cyber Security Law
Aug 2018 - Present
London, UK
36 Commercial, is part of the 36 Group, with a specialist cyber litigation department. 36 Commercial believe that expertise and experience in this field is the key to getting best advice, with new and developing jurisprudence.
Feb 2009 - Aug 2018
London, UK
2 Bedford Row is committed to all aspects of Criminal and Regulatory law, advising and representing clients in a wide variety of proceedings and investigations, from Health & Safety and Professional proceedings to high profile Fraud and Murder.
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Other Business Interests

Mar 2018 - Present
London, UK
The Elias Partnership help organisations & senior managers achieve a legally defensible position in face of The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Senior Managers & Certification Regime (SMCR), before any potential investigation & in the event of an investigation by the ICO.
London, UK
Nov 2018: Dean Armstrong QC is interviewed on The Moment with Maxine Mawhinney to discuss how the threat of the cyber world will affect us all. Just how private is our data? How valuable is it to someone else? How can we protect ourselves and how is the law protecting us?
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Dean Armstrong QC’s Education

Master of Arts (M.A), Law
1979 - 1983
1973 - 1978