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London, UK

Head of Private Office


David Forbes
David Forbes became a partner and Co-Founder with Chesterfield, one of London’s leading estate agents, in 1984. In 2007 Savills acquired Chesterfield and brought David’s expertise into the fold, strengthening the team, network and knowledge base. David heads The Private Office, and continues to offer his clients the degree of professionalism they have come to expect, with the added bonus of the broader marketing presence of the Savills organisation. David has been responsible for the sale of many of London’s most expensive houses and has built up a vast personal network of clients.

Personal Business Advice

Never boast about your successes and don't tell anyone about your failures.

David Forbes’s Newsfeed

29 Mar 2017
Spear's Magazine
Second homes in the sun are now hotter than ever

’Typically, the very wealthy have three overseas homes,’ says David Forbes, head of estate agent Savills’ Private Office. ‘One in southern Europe for summer sun, another in the Alps to go skiing, and a third for winter sun, typically in the Caribbean but increasingly in the Far East.’

12 Nov 2016
New York Times
As Markets Waver, the Rich Park Money in Luxury Homes

"...the trend has been toward gated communities", said David Forbes, private office head of Savills, a global real estate firm. “Security has become a major issue worldwide. We’ve seen a huge shift away from big single villas in isolated areas toward really high-end secure gated communities with full service amenities..."

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David Forbes’ Background

Head of Private Office
Jan 2007 - Present
London, UK
Savills plc is a global real estate services provider listed on the London Stock Exchange. Savills have an international network of more than 700 offices and associates throughout the Americas, the UK, continental Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East.
Chesterfield logo Chesterfield logo
Jan 1983 - Dec 2006
Selling high end properties in Chelsea, Belgravia and Knightsbridge.
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Other Business Interests

Mar 2002 - Dec 2016
London, UK
Children diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition are often confused, scared and facing serious medical treatments. Through their various programmes, Starlight creates moments of joy and comfort for hospitalised kids and their families.

David Forbes’ Education

1962 - 1968