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Darin’s News Archive

The News Archive for Darin Feinstein

Darin Feinstein

Co-Founder & Board Member

Core Scientific
Austin, TX, USA
6 Jul 2022 | The Block

Bitcoin is the 'Holy Grail' of accounting, says Core Scientific founder

Darin Feinstein discusses the significance of the technology underlying the bitcoin blockchain, and why he feels it represents the first innovation in the field of accounting in over 700 years.

12 May 2022

Why Bitcoin Changes Accounting w/ Darin Feinstein

In this interview with the Bitcoin Standard Podcast, Darin Feinstein speaks on the misconceptions surrounding bitcoin's energy use and the effect of mining on the environment, along with other important topics.

2 May 2022 | CNBC

Bitcoin bulls defend mining in letter to EPA and Wikipedia ends crypto donations: CNBC Crypto World

In this conversation with CNBC, Darin Feinstein discusses why he chose to co-author a letter in defense of bitcoin mining to the EPA.

2 May 2022 | CNBC

Dorsey, Saylor, Fidelity and others defend environmental impact of bitcoin mining in letter to EPA

Darin Feinstein and other industry leaders have co-authored a letter to the EPA to refuse claims made by House Democrats regarding the environmental impacts of crypto mining.

18 Apr 2022 | Markets Insider

Core Scientific Begins Reporting Daily Bitcoin Mining Production

In its continued efforts to improve transparency for its shareholders, Core Scientific has started to post reports of daily Bitcoin production figures on its website

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