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Christopher’s News Archive

The News Archive for Christopher Kenna

Christopher’s News Archive

The News Archive for Christopher Kenna

Christopher Kenna

Founder & CEO

Brand Advance Group
New York, NY, USA
18 Jan 2023 | Gen B USA

Brand Advance Group embarks on global growth with CEO EMEA Deborah Gbadamosi

In a move to underpin more growth in the business, Brand Advance Group has appointed Deborah Gbadmosi as CEO EMEA allowing founder Chris Kenna to focus his energy on North America.

19 May 2022 | Campaign

TikTok wants to ‘democratise’ the creator space with its latest ad product

Chris Kenna of Brand Advance Group comments on TikTok's latest product which aims to allow advertisers a means to find "authentic" content that don't feel like ads.

20 Apr 2022 | The Media Leader

Why Chris Kenna is getting ‘divorced’ from his company Brand Advance

Chrstopher Kenna speaks to The Media Leader about Brand Advance's search for a new CEO, being a Founder, and the distinction between a leader and a boss.

22 Mar 2022 | Vodafone

Great British Entrepreneur Awards and Vodafone launch SME support taskforce

Christopher Kenna joins 20 other entrepreneurs in joining the taskforce which will provide conversations and guidance to new enterprises on how to expand and prosper in difficult times.