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San Francisco, CA, USA

Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman


Christian Lanng


Christian Lanng is Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman at Tradeshift, the largest business commerce company in the world, that provides a global commerce platform connecting buyers and sellers. Tradeshift works with Fortune 5000 company leaders and has grown to over 800 people with offices in 13 countries.

Aged 19, Christian started his first technology company and was the youngest Head of Division in the Danish Government, National IT and Telecom Agency. Christian is a recognized thought leader and Fortune 500 advisor. Additionally, he was project manager for the NemHandel project which won the Danish digitalization award in 2009. Christian worked in Madrid as Strategic Consultant to a wireless service provider which was later sold to Telefonica and was Founder & CEO of Human Zoo A/S which was focussed on early mobile internet and e-commerce solutions.

Christian has won numerous awards for his work. In 2015 he won The Circulars Digital Disruptor award. He was selected to be a member of Neelie Kroes Young Digital Advisor group and was given the Innovation Award by Danish Industry. In 2010, Tradeshift was award Best Business Startup by Techcrunch and he was named as one of the top 100 talents under 30 in Denmark in 2005. A Member of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society at the World Economic Forum, Christian plays a role in determining how the next generation of enterprise and personal digital eco-systems will evolve. He is the co-author of publications including The Great Debate: Will Supplier Networks Thrive, Implode or Evolve?

A graduate of Copenhagen University, Christian holds a Master, Sociology of IT, Network Economics and a BA in Sociology from Aalborg University. He attended the Mannaz Leadership programme.

Christian Lanng’s Newsfeed

How Founders Can Take Control of Their Destiny with Tradeshift (video + transcript)

Christian Lanng founder and CEO of Tradeshift talks to Saastr. "In Tradeshift, we always had big ambitions, and we always knew as a company we would become big. In fact, as true entrepreneurs, we had this idea and wanted to start the company in a garage. That was simply something we had to do! Obviously, we were also doing what you’ve got to do when you have a SaaS company. We were on the phone selling our software before we’d even really begun to get the first few customers in and figure out what do they really need?"

Summer Reads From Tech CEOs

Christian Lanng, the co-founder and CEO of Tradeshift: “For an inspiring read about innovation, dive into Microserfs by Douglas Couplan this summer. Set in the early 1990s, the book follows six programmers working under Bill Gates on the Microsoft campus, who eventually move to Silicon Valley. The book does a great job of capturing the excitement and wonder of the bubbling tech industry ahead of the dot.com boom in the late 90s."

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Christian Lanng’s Background

Co-Founder, CEO & Chairman
Nov 2009 - Present
San Francisco, CA, USA
Tradeshift drives supply chain innovation for the digitally-connected economy. As the leader in supply chain payments & marketplaces, Tradeshift helps buyers & suppliers digitize their trade transactions, collaborate on every process, & connect with any supply chain app. More than one and a half million companies in 190 countries use Tradeshift to process over half a trillion USD in transactions.
Head of Division, IT & Infrastructure Division, SOA Taskforce Lead
Dec 2006 - Nov 2009
Copenhagen, DK
Christian played a vital role launching Easytrade and later PEPPOL. Launched the first Danish Open Government data program ODIS, the first large scale community for digitalization driving citizen participation & the public sectors first Open Source Strategy, focusing on government digitalization as a platform enabler for innovation & growth.
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Other Business Interests

Media Appearance
Apr 2019 - Present
Davos, CH
Christian discusses the impact of the media of the world with Mark Thompson, CEO, New York Times & award-winning columnist, Andrew Ross Sorkin.
Member Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society
Sep 2014 - Present
Davos, CH
Members of the Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & Society come together to discuss how the next generation of enterprise and personal digital eco-systems will evolve, define the key drivers and issues and prioritise those which require greater understanding, action or global collaboration.
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Christian Lanng’s Education

Master, Sociology of IT, Network Economics
2004 - 2006
BA Sociology
2001 - 2004
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