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Chris Perry


New York, NY, USA
4 Feb 2022 | InvestmentNews

Advisers see increased opportunity in new fintech tools

Chris Perry of Broadridge Financial Solutions speaks on the importance of advancing technology to financial advisors.

3 Feb 2022 | FamilyWealthReport

US Advisors Can Win More Clients With Tech – Study

Chris Perry offers his insights in this article discussing the ways that financial wealth advisors can use technology to help and provide investment ideas for their clients.

5 Jan 2022 | Forbes

Unlocking Corporate Bond Liquidity With AI

In this article for Forbes, Chris Perry speaks on the ways that artificial intelligence could be valuable in the corporate bond market.

18 Nov 2021 | Forbes

Leveraging Technology Can Help Empower All Investors

Chris Perry examines how modern technology has improved and changed the finacial markets over the past several decades, and how platforms like Robinhood continue to impact investors.

14 Sep 2021 | Forbes

How Technology And Next-Gen Investors Are Driving The Democratization Of Investing

Chris Perry looks at the many factors that have led to the recent surge in market democratization. Factors include large amounts of money being injected into financial markets and the rise of never-seen-before asset classes, like cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

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