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Chris Baratta

Vice President, US

The Marque

New York, NY, USA

Chris Baratta
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Chris Baratta’s Biography

Chris Baratta is Vice President, US at The Marque.

As Vice President, Chris is responsible for US-based operations, focusing on client engagement, business development, and profile management. Largely due to his background in education, Chris is an effective communicator who works regularly with clients to develop strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of their digital presence. He brings an extensive knowledge and aptitude in all forms of writing to The Marque, as well as expertise as an editor and researcher. This gives him a strong foundation in building clear, unique narratives for client profiles that present their wide breadth of professional roles and showcase their extensive work outside of their careers.

Chris spent seven years as a lecturer at the university level, teaching courses in literature, cultural studies, critical theory, philosophy, composition, and public speaking. He has had his work published in academic journals, pedagogy texts, and, among other mediums, essay collections. He also presented his work at numerous academic conferences, including NeMLA and ASL&E.

Other professional experience includes time as a freelance writer, editor, and consultant, working in the fields of education, business, and, among others, arts & culture. Chris' first professional role was as an analyst in the institutional investor group at Bank of America's headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Chris earned a PhD in English from Binghamton University, where he also received a dissertation-year fellowship. He also holds an MA in English and BS in Finance from the University of North Carolina Wilmington.

Chris Baratta’s Background

The Marque
Vice President, US
2019 - Present
New York, NY, USA
The Marque is the leading digital profile management service. A Marque profile enables individuals to have a managed, elegant and accurate digital asset, which focuses on their business and philanthropic associations. Excellent SEO ensures this de facto source of information is readily found in online searches.
Freelance Writer, Editor and Consultant logo Freelance Writer, Editor and Consultant logo
Freelance Writer, Editor and Consultant
2015 - 2019
New York, NY, USA
Building on his experience in education, Chris worked on a wide range of education-related projects, including textbook writing, editing, and publishing, pedagogy books and guides, and program curricula, for Pearson and Cengage, among other leading education companies. Other work projects included business publications and websites, writing content for studios & art galleries, and book reviews.
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“Interdisciplinarity” Achieved: A Brief Look at Interdisciplinary Environmentalism in the 1960s
State College, PA, USA
This article, published in the academic journal Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature (Penn State UP), looks at the development of a new, pragmatic approach to environmentalism that emerged in the 1960s. Built upon a chapter from his dissertation, it provides an analysis of the interdisciplinary approach to environmentalism formed among the social, cultural, and political discourses of the time.
The Pocket Instructor: Literature: 101 Exercises for the College Classroom
Contributing Writer
Nov 2015
Princeton, NJ, USA
Published by the Princeton University Press, 'The Pocket Instructor: Literature: 101 Exercises for the College Classroom' is a comprehensive collection of hands-on exercises that bring active learning to the literature classroom. Chris' contribution is titled 'Put the Question', a discussion-based classroom exercise.

Chris Baratta’s Education

Binghamton University
PhD, English
2009 - 2013
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