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Brendan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Brendan Kennedy

Brendan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Brendan Kennedy

Brendan Kennedy

President & CEO

Seattle, WA, USA
17 Apr 2021 | MarketWatch

Aphria and Tilray cannabis merger moves a step closer to approval

Tilray Inc. has announced its new regulations for approval of a merger with Alphria.

10 Mar 2021 | Businesswire

Tilray® Receives Approvals to Expand and Commercialize Medical Cannabis Products in New Zealand

Brendan Kennedy, Tilray's Chief Executive Officer, said, "As medical cannabis regulations continue to progress around the world, we're incredibly honored to be recognized as a trusted partner in offering the highest-quality medical cannabis products. We are grateful to partner with New Zealand's Ministry of Health and the Medicinal Cannabis Agency to improve access for patients in need across the country."

9 Feb 2021 | Business Wire

Tilray Announces Agreement with Grow Pharma to Import and Distribute Medical Cannabis Products in UK

Brendan Kennedy, Tilray’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “This partnership with Grow Pharma provides patients in need access to a sustained supply of GMP-certified, high-quality medical cannabis and is an important step in improving access in the UK. Tilray will continue to advocate for reasonable patient access to medical cannabis in Europe and countries around the world.”

16 Dec 2020 | The Motley Fool

Tilray and Aphria to Merge, Creating Largest Marijauna Company in the World

A blockbuster merger in the cannabis industry was announced Wednesday morning. Canadian peers Tilray and Aphria are combining to make the world's largest marijuana company... The merged company will retain the Tilray name, with the stock keeping its current ticker symbol. It will be led by Aphria's CEO Irwin Simon, with seven of the nine seats on the new business's board of directors going to present Aphria directors. The remaining two directors will be from Tilray, including that company's CEO Brendan Kennedy.

12 May 2020 | MarketWatch

Tilray says coronavirus has not dented operations

International medical cannabis sales exceed those in Canada, CEO says cannabis revenue has picked up amid global pandemic. In a statement, Chief Executive Brendan Kennedy said ... the company took several steps to make its business more efficient, which should save it $40 million a year, though the measures were not “fully reflected” in the first quarter’s results. The company sold $5.8 million worth of medical weed abroad, which was higher than medical sales in Canada for the first time. “International medical will never go back,” Kennedy said in the earnings call. “It will always be in excess of our Canadian medical revenue.”

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