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Brandon Hensinger

Founder & CEO

Avrio Genetics

Allentown, PA, USA

Brandon Hensinger
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Brandon Hensinger, a published author, global speaker and entrepreneur, is the Founder& Chief Executive Officer of Avrio Genetics, a company that provides life-changing reproductive, as well as personalized, genetic testing products and solutions to physicians and patients throughout the world. Brandon also leads the pandemic division of Avrio Genetics, Bio Testing Supplies, where his team is focused on providing industry leading viral testing solutions and educational support during the COVID pandemic.

He has been at the forefront of many innovative breakthroughs. Most notably, he led the launch of the world’s first Non-Invasive PGT-A Technology, which is an embryo screening technology that uses non-invasive practices to help physicians choose healthy embryos for transfer, for women going through fertility treatments.

Brandon has a strong reputation as a global speaker, leading sales executive, entrepreneur, and leader in the global reproductive genetics industry. A strong proponent of experiential leadership and an avid outdoorsman, Brandon uses challenging situations to promote how specific leadership principles are used in guiding a team toward a desired goal. He feels that the experiential component is vital, providing engagement and cooperation between team members in real-life situations.

Through his company Avrio Genetics, he is also consulted for his expertise in developing business models, strategic plans, and distribution channels for genetic laboratories, nationally and globally. Avrio Genetics currently manages international launches for 7 companies, with a growing portfolio. He also has extensive experience in M&A due diligence operations for national and global companies.

Brandon has a passion for learning new languages and is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese and conversational Mandarin. Outside of his business life, Brandon is a competitive triathlete, rock climber, skateboarder, and musician.

Brandon Hensinger’s Newsfeed

Market Watch
Brandon Hensinger on Growing One's Entrepreneurial Mindset The Adventurous Way

"Brandon Hensinger has built his education and career in the field of reproductive health and genetics. His knowledge, coupled with blazing passion, laid the foundation of Avrio Genetics, a leading company specializing in fertility testing solutions. At its core, Avrio Genetics provides a better tomorrow for its patients through access to cutting edge reproductive health and personalized healthcare services...2

EIN Presswire
First Baby Born in Brazil Through Non-Invasive PGT-A Testing

“I know I don’t only speak for myself when I say that all of us in this industry strive every day to make it possible for more people to become parents, and to provide the greatest care possible throughout their journey,” expresses Brandon Hensinger, President & CEO of Avrio Genetics. “It is a true privilege to have worked closely with the incredible team at CPDP to make this dream possible for these new parents.”

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Brandon Hensinger’s Background

Avrio Genetics
Founder & CEO
2017 - Present
Allentown, PA, USA
As the head of Avrio Genetics, Brandon developed the business model and product launch strategy of the world’s first non-invasive PGT-A Technology. He has established strategic partnerships and joint ventures with the world’s leading fertility experts, negotiated technology transfer agreements globally, established laboratory partners in key international markets, and conducted M&A due diligence.
Bio Testing Supplies
Chief Executive Officer
2020 - Present
Allentown, PA, USA
With a team of healthcare-related executives with government and private Sector experience, Bio Testing Supplies is a supplier of critical equipment and provider of the resources required to solve a healthcare crisis
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Other Business Interests

Brandon Hensinger Personal Website
Brandon shares his thoughts and expertise on leadership training, business development, and personal growth.
2013 - Present
Brandon has music featured on SoundCloud, the world's largest music & audio streaming platform which allows people to discover a huge selection of music from the most diverse creator community in the world.


The Brandon Hensinger Show
Allentown, PA, USA
Showing the world that you can be phenomenally successful in business and in life...they are not mutually exclusive! Join me to learn about global business growth strategies, travel advice and reviews, athletic performance training guidance, and more!
Avrio Genetics Show
Hosted by President & CEO of Avrio Genetics, Brandon Hensinger, the Avrio Genetics Show brings together some of the world’s reproductive health and genetics experts.
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Brandon Hensinger: Blog
Allentown, PA, USA
Medium: Blog of Brandon Hensinger, Focusing on Business, Travel, and Loving Life
The Alive Sales Rep
The Alive Sales Rep is a combination of practical tools & theory that will help those who read it to dramatically improve their life and sales success.

Brandon Hensinger’s Education

Quantic School of Business and Technology
Masters of Business Administration
2017 - 2018
Bloomsburg University
BA, Organizational Communication & Outdoor Leadership
2000 - 2004

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