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Brandon Hensinger

Yikon Genomics Inc.

Allentown, US

Global Vice President of Sales

Yikon Genomics Inc.

Brandon Hensinger


Brandon Hensinger is an entrepreneurial leader and an expert in the genetic and laboratory industry. He is Global Vice President of Sales at Yikon Genomics, which provides complete solutions for reproductive health and cancer diagnostics. He also runs BR HealthPort International, a resource firm for global diagnostic and healthcare solutions.

He has designed global business models and established distribution channels for some of the world’s most reputable genetics laboratories. Brandon is highly skilled in conducting merger and acquisition due diligence, which allows him to build longstanding relationships within the industry. He is a recognized authority in growing startups in the diagnostics and healthcare sector and excels in building extremely successful teams by sourcing the best team members. As a highly accomplished senior sales executive, Brandon has a proven track record in building business models, business development, developing strategic alliances and implementing strategy. He is a dynamic and effective communicator with the ability to motivate a team to move forwards and achieve goals.

A graduate of Bloomsburg University, Pennsylvania, Brandon is a passionate, competitive triathlete, currently sponsored on the 2019 Wattie Ink Hit Squad. He is a rock climber, surfer, musician and is the author of ‘The Alive Sales Rep’ which offers theories and practical guidance to help sales representatives advance their careers.

Personal Business Advice

Work to live. Don't live to work. It’s important to always do what works for you in the professional setting, as opposed to trying to squeeze in to other people’s methodologies that may not work for your individual talents and strengths.

Brandon Hensinger’s Background

Global Vice President of Sales
Sep 2017 - Present
Philadelphia, US
Yikon Genomics, a leading solution-based single cell sequencing company, is based on the patented MALBAC® technology from Harvard University. It provides complete solutions in the fields of reproductive health & cancer diagnostics.
Lead Consultant
May 2017 - Present
Allentown, US
Brandon runs BR HealthPort International, a consulting firm for global diagnostic and healthcare solutions, also offering business model development, logistics solutions and sales support.
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Other Business Interests

2011 - Present
The Alive Sales Rep is a combination of practical tools & theory that will help those who read it to dramatically improve their life and sales success.
2010 - 2010
An interview with Brandon Hensinger.

Brandon Hensinger’s Education

Masters of Business Administration
2017 - 2018
BA, Organizational Communication & Outdoor Leadership
2000 - 2004