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Brandon Hensinger

Yikon Genomics Inc.

Allentown, PA, USA

Global Vice President of Sales

Yikon Genomics Inc.

Brandon Hensinger


Brandon Hensinger, senior global sales executive, entrepreneur, speaker & author provides life changing sales and business training in turning startups into global brands.

Quadlingual and a highly accomplished speaker, Brandon is the author of The Living Sales Manual and a senior sales executive in the genetic & laboratory industry. A recognized authority in growing startups in the diagnostics & healthcare sector, he is also highly experienced in Merger & Acquisition due diligence. He has designed global business models & channels for some of the world’s most reputable diagnostic laboratories, and is expert at building and developing highly successful sales and management teams.

Leading sales teams on every continent, Brandon has helped countless people achieve success in life & sales that they never dreamed would be possible. Having experienced extreme stress as a beginner in sales, Brandon developed a sales system over many years to focus on living life & eliminating stress, and in turn become more productive in closing sales & more accomplished in one’s career. This system is proven to be extremely successful, which results in Brandon’s client base showing continuous growth.

Brandon most recently introduced Yikon Genomics’ Non-Invasive PGT-A technology to the global market, in order to provide reproductive health specialists with superior embryo screening capabilities, ultimately leading to a higher pregnancy rate in their patients.

Brandon has spoken at events on every continent, is fluent in Spanish & Portuguese and speaks conversational Mandarin. He is married to the love of his life & has three children, is a competitive triathlete, musician & accomplished rock climber.

Brandon Hensinger’s Newsfeed

Lehigh Valley Based Executive Brandon Hensinger Introduces Groundbreaking Reproductive Health Techno

Brandon Hensinger, Global Vice President of Sales of Yikon Genomics Inc, the US Subsidiary of Shanghai based Yikon Genomics Ltd, has successfully launched an embryo screening technology that uses non-invasive methodologies to help physicians choose healthy embryos for women going through fertility treatments.

PR Newswire
Center for Reproductive Health & Gynecology Beverly Hills & Yikon Genomics Launch Non-Invasive PGT-A

"Our goal at Yikon Genomics is to help more families achieve their dreams of conception, through our innovative technologies such as NICS," quotes Brandon Hensinger, Vice President of Sales for Yikon.

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Brandon Hensinger’s Background

Global Vice President of Sales
Sep 2017 - Present
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Yikon Genomics, a leading solution-based single cell sequencing company, is based on the patented MALBAC® technology from Harvard University. It provides complete solutions in the fields of reproductive health & cancer diagnostics.
BR HealthPort International logo BR HealthPort International logo
BR HealthPort International
Lead Consultant
May 2017 - Present
Allentown, PA, USA
Brandon runs BR HealthPort International, a consulting firm for global diagnostic and healthcare solutions, also offering business model development, logistics solutions and sales support.
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Other Business Interests

Entrepreneur & Sales Specialist
Allentown, PA, USA
Brandon Hensinger, senior global sales executive, entrepreneur, speaker & author provides life changing sales and business training in turning startups into global brands.
2013 - Present
Brandon has music featured on SoundCloud, the world's largest music & audio streaming platform which allows people to discover a huge selection of music from the most diverse creator community in the world.


2010 - 2010
An interview with Brandon Hensinger.


2011 - Present
The Alive Sales Rep is a combination of practical tools & theory that will help those who read it to dramatically improve their life and sales success.

Brandon Hensinger’s Education

Masters of Business Administration
2017 - 2018
BA, Organizational Communication & Outdoor Leadership
2000 - 2004