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Arthur Bavelas

Arthur Andrew Bavelas
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Arthur Andrew Bavelas’ Biography

Arthur Andrew Bavelas is the Founder of Bavelas Group Family Office, Family Office Insights, Family Office Funding Challenge, LearnOZ, and Global Sustainability Exchange. As a globally recognized entrepreneur, author, and family office investor, Arthur is a pioneer in developing one of the first private opportunity review networks, Family Office Insights, for investors within the family office community.

Fostering a collaborative method of evaluation and delivering a more efficient potential investment pipeline, Family Office Insights initiates timely peer-to-peer review of limited access investment opportunities. Driven by the dissatisfaction at lack of choices for private capital allocation, he founded Family Office Insights in 1998 to provide meaningful access and engagement opportunities for active, socially conscious entrepreneurs and wealth managers.

Arthur draws upon his own experience in founding and building a successful technology startup to evaluate current opportunities that often feature innovative intellectual property, bridge customer/market access, or solve some of the world’s most daunting challenges. As a co-founder of The Global Sustainability Exchange and other impact efforts, Arthur seeks to raise awareness and provide open access to technologies and innovation to affect societal and environmental change.

Arthur frequently speaks about wealth preservation, the new economies, entrepreneurship, and legacy investing. His written work has been published in The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and many noteworthy publications.

Arthur Bavelas’ Background

The Bavelas Group & Family Office Insights
Aug 1998 - Present
New York, NY, USA
Family Office Insights is a voluntary, 'opt-in' collaborative peer-to-peer community of single family offices, qualified investors and institutional investors, facilitated by Bavelas Group Family Office.
Family Office Funding Challenge
New York, NY, USA
Family Office Capital Funding Challenge:. Your key to unlocking Family Office funding. - Gain access to $100s of millions of patient Family Office capital seeking direct opportunities in startup and follow on rounds.
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Current Board Positions

Zoetic logo Zoetic logo
Advisory Board
Zoetic provides solutions for areas in great need, delivering food, water, and healthcare technology when they are most critical. It is focused primarily on areas of the world most under threat from climate change.
Muirfield Investment Partners
May 2018 - Present
Boston, MA, USA
Muirfield Investment Partners is a private equity real estate investment firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. They are progressive real estate investors that focus on mid-market opportunistic investment across all real estate sub-sectors, delivering flexible, creative & scalable capital solutions to high quality, high-integrity Sponsors.


The Future of Family Office Investing with Arthur Bavelas
Jun 2020
Arthur talks to Rosemarie Truman, Founder & CEO of The Center for Advancing Innovation, and shares insights about how family offices are investing during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Family Office Insights - Peer-to-Peer Investment Community
Blockchain Global News: Interview with Small Cap Nation
New York, NY, USA
SCN's Jane King sits down with Arthur Bavelas, the founder of Family Office Insights, to discuss the peer-to-peer investment community.
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Family Office Magazine
New York, NY, USA
Family Office Magazine is the most respected premium quality “Family Office” magazine in the world that caters to the ultra-wealthy Family Office sector.
Fortune's Fortress | A Primer on Wealth Preservation
New York, NY, USA
Co-authored by Arthur and published in 2007, this book will enable the reader to take a succinct look at the world of hedge fund professionals; provide a brief overview of wealth preservation; exemplify some key estate planning & asset protection planning strategies; explain how to find, choose & work with a high-quality wealth preservation specialist. Click image for book.