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Andrew Seaton

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, HK

Executive Director

The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong

Andrew Seaton


The British Chamber is one of Hong Kong's biggest and most active international business bodies, with over a thousand members, from the biggest multinationals to a wide range of SME's and start-ups.

Andrew is responsible for the Chamber's strategy, and operational and financial management. Andrew was previously a member of the British Diplomatic Service. In this he focussed on the UK's relations with China, including as a member of the British Embassy in Beijing; as Head of the Foreign Office's China Department, and as HM Consul General (Ambassador-equivalent) in Hong Kong.

Andrew Seaton’s Newsfeed

13 Aug 2018
Invest NI Launch Roadshow On Hong Kong Business of Design Week 2019

The Department for International Trade (DIT) have announced the details of a UK roadshow to mark the launch of UK's partnership with Hong Kong's Business of Design Week (BODW) 2019.
Speakers at the event include...Andrew Seaton, Executive Director, The British Chamber of Commerce...

08 Mar 2018
The Great Festival Of Innovation To Host Over 50 Satellite Events Across Asia To Celebrate Uk Innova

Andrew Seaton, Executive Director of British Chambers of Commerce, the Festival’s supporting partner, says: “The British Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is delighted to support the GREAT Festival of Innovation. Innovation and technology are driving business change more than ever and the Festival offers a platform to build solid relationships and enhance trade partnerships between the UK and Asia..."

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Andrew Seaton’s Background

Executive Director
Apr 2015 - Present
Hong Kong, HK
Led by its members, the Chamber is an independent international business body representing British, Hong Kong and international companies doing business in Hong Kong.
Member of HM Diplomatic Service
Oct 1978 - Sep 2013
UK Diplomatic Service career spent mostly working on UK relations with, and policy towards, China, including in the British Embassy in Beijing; as Head of the China Department in the Foreign Office; and as HM Consul General to Hong Kong and Macau 2008-12. Other overseas assignments included West Africa and the USA.

Andrew Seaton’s Education

BA Hons ( 1st Class) Chinese and Politics
Beijing University logo Beijing University logo
Beijing University
UK/China Exchange Scholar
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