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The News Archive for Andrew Essex

Andrew’s News Archive

The News Archive for Andrew Essex

Andrew Essex

Founder & CEO

New York, NY, USA
29 Oct 2021 | Washington Post

The Washington Post releases first national brand campaign

Andrew Essex, CEO of GoingConcern, worked with The Washington Post to create its first nation brand campaign that is aired on national television to highlight the importance of journalism and The Post's position in the modern world.

28 Oct 2021 | Insider

Advertisers Look To Capitalize on the Metaverse Hype

Andrew Essex was featured in an article by Business Insider titled "Advertisers Look To Capitalize on the Metaverse Hype."

1 Oct 2021 | AdAge

Tombras Secures Four AOR Wins and FKA Twigs Shines a Light on Domestic Violence

Andrew Essex has launched a new consultancy firm called GoingConcern. The company will advise C-suite clients on matters pertaining to "relevance, revenue, relationships and reputation" Examples, Essex says, could be helping a CEO form a new division, a CMO develop a brand campaign, or an executive build a simpler, more direct approach to harmonizing interoffice relationships.  


24 Mar 2021 | Techonomy

Digitally United: Closing the Gaps in a Techonomic World

Andrew Essex, Founder & CEO of GoingConcern, spoke at the Techonomy event 'Digitally United: Closing the Gaps in a Techonomic World'. In a talk titled 'Advertising’s Responsibility for Online Civility', Andrew discussed the responsibility advertisers have in changing the way social media behaves in order to restore online civility, among other related topics.

4 May 2020 | Inc.

Why Every Product Needs a Great Brand Story

Andrew Essex writes about the importance of brand storytelling in order to differentiate your product from others in the marketplace.

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