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Andrew Dixon


ARC InterCapital
London, UK
3 Feb 2021 | The Telegraph

Overhaul property tax to save 19 million households £435 per year, MPs urge Chancellor

Andrew Dixon, founder of Fairer Share is mentioned in an article by The Telegraph regarding property tax.

3 Nov 2020 | City AM

Trump or Biden: Who would be better for the UK?

Businessman and Founder of ARC InterCapital and Fairer Share, Andrew Dixon has been mentioned in City A.M. today in respect of his opinion on who would be the better US President for the UK, Trump or Biden.

19 Aug 2020 | Fairer Share

Andrew Dixon: An interview with the founder of Fairer Share

In an interview with Fairer Share, Andrew Dixon discusses his motivations for setting up Fairer Share, its proposals, and how to get involved. He said " The big story of the last few years has been growing levels of social discontent. Many people feel they have been left behind by economic growth, are struggling to keep up with the higher costs of living, and are frustrated with politics."

3 Jul 2020 | Thrive London

Andrew Dixon – Entrepreneurs Will Be An Important Part Of The Recovery

Founder of ARC InterCapital, Andrew Dixon said " I love working with entrepreneurs who look at problem sets differently. A fresh set of eyes can mean a different approach and an unorthodox solution to the problem. I also often find that a business manager who has an extensive background in a particular industry finds it difficult to question established ways of operating. Academic qualifications are often not particularly helpful – and in some cases may actually limit success."

16 Apr 2020

Andrew Dixon signs letter urging government to grant “compassionate release” to non-violent...

...vulnerable prisoners. Founder of ARC InterCapital and the Woodhaven Trust, Andrew Dixon has signed a letter pressing the government to release non-violent and vulnerable prisoners from prison in order to halt the spread of coronavirus in the prison system. Mr Dixon says "It is now clear that the government needs to take immediate action to ensure that our prisons are as safe as possible and mitigate against the risk of an outbreak that could spread exponentially."