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Andrew Dixon


Andrew Dixon is an angel investor, founder of ARC InterCapital and founding trustee of The Woodhaven Trust.

Starting his career in finance at Société Générale and Goldman Sachs, Andrew has spent over two decades investing in small and medium-sized businesses. Through ARC InterCapital, he has invested £20 million in over 40 British companies and his current portfolio employs more than 1,500 people.

Many investments in his portfolio have become well-recognised brands. ARC was the first seed investor in Gamesys, which went on to become one of the most successful businesses in the online gaming space and, in 2006, was the UK's fastest-growing private technology company in The Sunday Times Tech Track 100.

Others portfolio companies include Infinitesima, the Abingdon-based high-tech firm that developed the Rapid Probe Microscope for the semiconductor industry; call answering service Cymphony and LIVE IT, the global online ticketing platform for live events.

In 2008, he founded The Woodhaven Trust to support initiatives that provide offenders and ex-offenders with pathways into employment and self-employment. The Trust also supports causes that champion progressive tax reform and teach leadership skills to young people.

Inspired by San Quentin prison's Last Mile project, in 2016, Andrew co-founded social enterprise Code4000, which teaches coding skills in prisons to increase offenders’ prospects of meaningful employment upon release. And in 2013, he co-founded Prosper 4 Group, which runs the UK’s only national jobs board for ex-offenders.

An Enterprise Fellow at The Prince's Trust, he also launched the Liberal Democrat Business & Entrepreneurs Network. He lives with his wife and two daughters in Surrey, and enjoys cricket, golf and the occasional glass of wine.

Andrew Dixon’s Newsfeed

Thrive London
Andrew Dixon – Entrepreneurs Will Be An Important Part Of The Recovery

Founder of ARC InterCapital, Andrew Dixon said " I love working with entrepreneurs who look at problem sets differently. A fresh set of eyes can mean a different approach and an unorthodox solution to the problem. I also often find that a business manager who has an extensive background in a particular industry finds it difficult to question established ways of operating. Academic qualifications are often not particularly helpful – and in some cases may actually limit success."

Andrew Dixon signs letter urging government to grant “compassionate release” to non-violent...

...vulnerable prisoners. Founder of ARC InterCapital and the Woodhaven Trust, Andrew Dixon has signed a letter pressing the government to release non-violent and vulnerable prisoners from prison in order to halt the spread of coronavirus in the prison system. Mr Dixon says "It is now clear that the government needs to take immediate action to ensure that our prisons are as safe as possible and mitigate against the risk of an outbreak that could spread exponentially."

Andrew Dixon’s Background

Mar 2001 - Present
London, UK
An investor in early-stage businesses, ARC InterCapital has a diversified portfolio and has invested in 40 British businesses from a wide range of sectors since 2001, including software, semiconductor, health, education, utilities, leisure, publishing, software and entertainment. ARC InterCapital was founded by angel investor, Andrew Dixon, who is also the owner.
Feb 2013 - Present
Oxford, UK
Based in Abingdon, Infinitesima is a high-tech firm that developed the Rapid Probe Microscope for the semiconductor industry. Widely used in semiconductor process control and industrial inspection, RPM allows businesses to take high-speed 3D images in an open atmosphere rather than a vacuum chamber.
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Public Service

2008 - Present
London, UK
The Woodhaven Trust is a family trust that supports causes that provide offenders and ex-offenders with sustainable pathways into employment, self-employment, training and education. It also supports initiatives that champion progressive tax reform and provide young people with the opportunity to grow, build and develop their leadership skills.
Enterprise Fellow
Feb 2010 - Present
London, UK
The Prince's Trust Enterprise Fellowship is a network of the UK's leading entrepreneurs who are committed to supporting and inspiring the next generation of leaders. As well as providing financial support to The Prince's Trust, Enterprise Fellows mentor, guide and coach young entrepreneurs. The Enterprise Fellowship has raised over £24 million for The Prince's Trust since in launched in 2010.
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Andrew Dixon’s Education

Master of Business Administration
2008 - 2009
Bachelor of Science in Economics, International Politics
1988 - 1991