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Alister Esam is Founder and CEO of new start-up, Process Bliss. Its mission is to make all businesses run better and make managers & employees happier through the power of process - because if your repeatable processes were performed the same way by everyone, every time, wouldn’t that be bliss?

Only through selling his previous business, eShare, has he been afforded the opportunity to take on the next challenge, pursuing his passion to create something new.

eShare was borne from the desire to tackle the inefficient way boards were operating. Built on respect, ownership and pride, its mission was to design intuitive, secure software to improve meetings & governance, while promoting the use of technology in business to provide leaders with a living view of their organisation.

The business grew without investment to the point of being the largest UK-based provider of board portal technology covering pension funds, corporates, hospitals, charities, housing associations, universities & schools. eShare had a presence in over 30 countries, employed 70 people and counted some prestigious brands and progressive public sector bodies among its clients, including: KPMG, John Lewis, Credit Suisse, age UK, Universal, Rolls Royce, WWF, Unilever, Co-op, EDF and Nestle. In addition, Alister was a regular editorial online magazine contributor and conference speaker on how to improve corporate governance through technology.

He is now looking to replicate that success with Process Bliss, but on a much grander scale. Looking to acquire a fifth of the market share over the next ten years, he needs to change the mindset that process is difficult & controlling. Process should be simple and by empowering, rather than controlling staff, you allow them to complete tasks in the best way they know how.

Alister Esam’s Newsfeed

24 Jan 2019
SME employees quit job due to work frustration

Alister Esam, CEO at Process Bliss, said "Many of these issues come from people not being given sufficient training or a functioning process to follow that enables them to do their job well. At the same time, managers are checking up on, and micro-managing staff..."

18 Jan 2019
Blue Monday: How to avoid the Monday blues in January

Alister Esam, CEO, Process Bliss: “Blue Monday is a temporary downturn in morale and if employees are happy and motivated the rest of the time, then it will be only a blip. What I always try and do is support people and give them the structure to grow, learn and develop..."

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Alister Esam’s Background

2018 - Present
London, UK
Process Bliss is simple, intuitive software that ensures business processes are performed the same way by everyone, every time. Process Bliss creates the ‘ideal’ world where you are reassured that things are being done the same way every time, your team is empowered and free to focus on what matters and your business is continually improving.
2004 - 2018
Newbury, UK
eShare is intuitive, secure software that improves meetings and governance, helping boards to be better at what they do. At the point of sale, it had a presence in 30 countries, a global workforce of 70 people and some prestigious brands and progressive public sector bodies among its clients.
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Other Business Interests

Aug 2016 - Present
London, UK
Alister is a member of Vistage, a worldwide membership organisation that enables leaders to achieve more by gaining different perspectives on their business, which helps them to make better decisions for the future.

Alister Esam’s Education

BSc, Maths
1988 - 1991
Nottingham High School logo Nottingham High School logo
Nottingham High School
1978 - 1988