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The News Archive for Alex Lennard

Alex’s News Archive

The News Archive for Alex Lennard

Alex Lennard

Investment Director & Partner

Ruffer LLP
London, UK
13 Jun 2022 | Portfolio Adviser

How the Faangs lost their bite

Ruffer Investment Director Alex Lennard offers his opinion on the recent market volatility of tech stocks and their attractiveness to current investors.

20 Apr 2022 | Bloomberg

Traders Are Questioning the Fed’s Path, Derailing the Only Sure Bet in Bonds

Ruffer's Investment Director, Alex Lennard, cautions that uncertainty surrounding inflation equals a bigger term premium and increased volatility. This comes as recent lows, and the gap between short- and long-term yields, has widened.

28 Jan 2022 | Reuters

Volatility, leverage dominate Miami hedge fund week

In this Reuters column by Jamie McGeever, Alex Lennard of Ruffer shares his thoughts on volatility in the equity and bond markets.

8 Jun 2020 | Investor Strategy News

What happens next: the world according to Ruffer

Alex Lennard, Investment Director at Ruffer LLP, features in an article recounting a recent webinar delivered to investors during a volatile market period.