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Aidan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Aidan Butler

Aidan’s News Archive

The News Archive for Aidan Butler

Aidan Butler

Chief Operating Officer, 1/ST Racing | President, 1/ST Content

Miami, FL, USA
5 Apr 2019

3Shape And GuardLab Announce Equipment And Marketing Partnership

Since our inception, GuardLab has been hosting mobile 3D scan events with teams, leagues and schools and delighting consumers with a revolutionary mouthguard fitting process with the help of 3Shape TRIOS,” said CEO of GuardLab, Mr. Aidan Butler.

1 Mar 2019

GuardLab® Announces APEX Lite Mouthguard

The APEXTM Lite is specifically geared to the modern athlete who wants essential protection and a clean aesthetic without surrendering comfort,” said GuardLab CEO, Aidan Butler.

8 Jan 2018

GuardLab Expands Product Line With The APEX™ Boil & Bite Mouthguard & Digitized Impression Kit

“Through our loyal customers, our brand has become synonymous with the highest quality, accuracy, and protection for amateur and professional athletes” said GuardLab CEO, Aidan Butler

4 Aug 2017

Tis season to discuss mouth guards with young athletes!

Aidan Butler, CEO of GuardLab, recently paired up with Henry Schein and a New York City school to provide free mouth guards to nearly 70 student-athletes.“It’s really all about comfort and fit,” Butler said in Dentistry Today interview. Old-fashioned mouth guards “are no good for man or beast. They block your airway. One size all fits none, as we say. So we start with accuracy and comfort. It’s seated better from a protection standpoint and from a performance standpoint.”Thanks to digital technology, creating custom mouth guards can easily be in a dentist’s repertoire.

22 Feb 2017

Guardlab’s 3D Printed Mouth Guards Are Changing the Way the UFC Fights

Aidan Butler has taken teeth, yes teeth, and made them interesting thanks to a few 3D printing machines and some seriously famous athletes...... Aidan Butler, CEO of Guardlab, Inc,  runs a company that makes a product that protects your teeth.

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