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“The continuation of uncertainty is causing much frustration for U.K. businesses,” said David Sproul, chief executive officer of Deloitte for north west Europe. “As well as stashing cash, many continue to delay investment. Businesses remain in a period of further limbo.”


Experience creators applaud the brand as a pioneer of authentic music experiences as the 21-year-old music academy prepares to close this year. "This is a massive blow to grassroots culture" says Hugh Robertson, founder and chief executive of independent marketing agency, RPM.

Tiedemann Advisors

Michael B. Greenwald writes: "Over the past two decades, the U.S. Treasury has done quietly heroic work to financially weaken terrorists and rogue states. But complacency over the Patriot Act is handicapping our ability to respond to Russian and Chinese provocations..."

Unit4, a world leader in enterprise applications for services and people organizations, today announces the appointment of Mike Ettling as Chief Executive Officer (CEO)...He brings with him a wealth of expertise and insight across cloud-based technologies and business applications.

TIM, an Acuris Company

"Nucleus195 has a broad and unique range of providers from developed, emerging and frontier markets that will increase our trade idea network and provide investors with even more innovative trade ideas," said Colin Berthoud, Founding Partner for TIM, An Acuris Company.

IBM Global Business Services

"A key to success [in the new era of AI] is to focus on the design of the human-AI interactions as much as in the AI itself," said Jesus Mantas, general manager and managing partner in IBM Global Business Services. “Many AI programs focus primarily on machine learning algorithms and training datasets, but fail to address the most important success factors...

Hosted by model and activist Amber Valletta, the black-tie event honored two sustainability leaders. Nadja Swarovski, a member of the Swarovski executive board, was presented with the Social Impact in Sustainability Award by Lise Kingo, executive director of the United Nations’ Global Compact, for leading Swarovski’s global sustainability efforts...