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Jeremy Jennings from Jabbrrbox says "Technology has facilitated mobility and the ability to work/live/play when, where and how we want. The physical build environment has not responded with an efficient and technology enabled response. JabbrrX has."

XLN Business Services

Founder and CEO Christian Nellemann started XLN in 2002 to champion small businesses in the UK. He felt that all too often, micro-sized companies like barbers, cafes, and opticians were getting a raw deal from the giant corporates that provided their essential services.

The Guardian

“We are delighted to reveal the nominees for the 2018 Fashion Awards,” said Nadja Swarovski, member of the executive board at Swarovski which sponsors the event. “Representing fashion’s most inspiring emerging and established talents, this list is the perfect showcase for the energy and diversity of the industry today.”

“Consumers have become conditioned to thinking that buying online means they are getting the best price and therefore it is the best option, but, unfortunately, the villa rental business has become a magnet for poor-quality sales as well as online fraud,” says George Morgan-Grenville, founder and CEO of Red Savannah, a leading luxury-rental specialist.

Pagefield Global Counsel
Spear's Magazine

Viewing big money divorce from a business perspective will help reduce the likelihood of bad press, writes Stuart Leach, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Pagefield Global.

The Cyber Conference features ... the country’s leading QC, who will either prosecute you or defend you, Dean Armstrong QC, drills into the real risks and how they can bite.

Ruppert International, Inc.

“Innovation happens all the time, no matter what markets are doing,” said Todd Ruppert, Chair of the INSEAD Endowment and venture partner Greenspring Associates. “Today is a golden era in venture capital.”