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Bloomberg Opinion columnist and vice chairman of investment banking at LazardPeter R. Orszag writes: "Public ownership and public borrowing are diminishing at U.S. companies. Research has unearthed some worrisome consequences of this trend."

Su-Mei Thompson, CEO at Media Trust added: “At Media Trust, we’re really concerned about the erosion in local reporting and the impact of this on the voice of local communities, the accountability of local institutions and ultimately, Britain’s ability to function as a proper democracy..."

Privateer Holdings, Inc.

One thing analysts probably like about Tilray is the company's management team. CEO Brendan Kennedy served as managing director and then chief operating officer of Silicon Valley Bank Analytics before founding cannabis-focused private investment firm Privateer Holdings...Kennedy is surrounded by a strong executive team...

SX2 Ventures

JMCC Chair and CEO Diane Scott said the expansion of the relationship with CanaQuest represents a natural extension of her company's integrated service offering. “We founded JMCC with the goal of becoming the leading cultivator of high-quality, Jamaican medical cannabis for the world..."

Tandem Bank
Specialist Banking

Ricky Knox, CEO at Tandem, has claimed that the Bank of England should cut interest rates to boost the economy. This follows the Bank of England’s decision to keep the base rate unchanged at 0.75%. “Consumers and investors are both uncertain about the British economy,” said Ricky. “With a ‘no deal’ still on the table, it’s unlikely that this feeling will go away anytime soon." 

Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

“Food sounds like a simple topic, but access to healthy food and healthy choices is remarkably complex because it’s bound up in long-term, deeply rooted issues of economic opportunity, community resilience, equity, and infrastructure,” said Melissa Berman, the firm’s CEO and president.

Finance chiefs are increasingly worried about the impact of Brexit and are now more focused on cutting costs than at any time in the last nine years, a Deloitte survey finds...David Sproul, Senior Partner and Chief Executive of Deloitte North West Europe, adds: “This survey shows a definite ‘hunkering down’ mentality across...