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13 Jul 2018

Are you in control of your online profile?

Are you in control of your online profile?
The management of online reputation has become a crucial area in recent years; as the internet has become the primary source of information on companies and individuals the quality, verifiability, accuracy and ‘searchability’ of that information has become ever more important and valuable.

The first thing that people do before coming to see you is to research you online. Are you in control of what they find and are they armed with accurate, current information on you and your business interests?

Whether we like it or not, what is or is not available about us online could influence business decisions that are made regarding your companies and investments, family trusts and private offices. Existing and potentially new investment partners and even regulatory bodies looking at a deal will all gather information online as well as offline before making key decisions. Leaving such a process to chance by not owning and controlling your online profile and digital self is a huge financial and business risk.

This can, however, be significantly mitigated. Historically it was preferable to stay below the radar and enjoy a degree of anonymity from people outside of one’s immediate business circle. With the plethora of information available online, the world’s leading reputation managers recommend maintaining and controlling a positive profile, just above the radar.

Given that an online presence is rapidly becoming non-negotiable, what are the options? Many HNW’s have a Wikipedia page, which tends to be well populated, but is a source over which they have minimal control as to what is published. LinkedIn works well for many people although if you have reached a certain level of success you have to be prepared to receive a myriad of random connection requests and sales approaches.

Another option is The Marque which gives you the ability to control how you are presented online. With an elegant digital profile and sophisticated search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to ensure your name ranks as highly as possible, a Marque Profiles allows you to control your online presence. According to The Times of London, “Investment Bankers, City Lawyers and British Diplomats are among hundreds of prominent figures who use the Marque to control their online presence”.

The Marque was launched to fill a gap in the market for individuals with multiple business interests or family offices who needed sophisticated, well-designed online presence that they could control. The Marque manages profiles for successful people around the world and has recently opened an office in New York. New Yorkers, such as advertising guru and Blackstone Advisor John Bernbach, Blackstone’s ex- Senior Managing Director, Lawrence Guffey, PR legend Susan Magrino and Traub CEO, Mortimer Singer have their profiles managed by The Marque in addition to people such as Lord Anthony St. John, Carphone Warehouse supremo, Sir Charles Dunstone and Citizen M Founder, Rattan Chadha.

The modern rules of business engagement have been rewritten by the digital revolution; the twinning of your digital self with your offline profile will give you the control and the presence to navigate the unfolding landscape.

Andrew Wessels is CEO and Founder of The Marque. For more information go to