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Peter Boyd

Time4Good Group

New York, US

Founder and CEO

Time4Good Group

Peter Boyd
Peter Boyd is Founder & CEO of Time4Good and Executive Fellow at Yale University’s Center for Business and the Environment. He has been advising The B Team on their ‘Net-Zero by 2050’ initiative and other high-growth organizations on strategy, marketing, climate change solutions and entrepreneurial opportunity. Peter was previously COO of Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room, after more than 10 years with the Virgin Group (including CEO of Virgin Mobile South Africa), and McKinsey & Co. He lives in Westport, CT and serves on the board of Earthplace & the town's Green Task Force.

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If the path before you is clear, you are probably on someone else's

Peter Boyd’s Newsfeed

03 Nov 2017
To boost meeting quality, make people enter a lottery to get on your calendar

Across industries, leaders and funders face inboxes packed with unsolicited pitches and requests for back-to-back meetings and calls. This dilemma inspired Time4Good a scheduling platform that helps sought-after people whittle down their emails by making meeting-seekers enter a lottery. “If you’re busy and in demand, consider how valuing some of your time for good could transform many lives, including your own,” said Time4Good founder Peter Boyd speaking at the high-powered TEDWomen conference in San Francisco on Oct 27.

09 Feb 2016
Can Large Companies Lead The Low-Carbon Revolution?

Peter Boyd — who has worked closely with big corporations as the launch director of the nonprofit Carbon War Room and an adviser to the B Team, a network of high-profile CEOs dedicated...says the culture of startups gives them an edge.

Peter Boyd’s Background

Time4Good Group logo Time4Good Group logo
Time4Good Group
Founder and CEO
Oct 2014 - Present
New York, US
Peter created the Time4Good Group in October 2014 to fulfil complimentary objectives. To create an innovative marketplace for the time of people in very high demand. To deploy strategic consultancy time to selected clients for high social, environmental and economic impact and to build a successful commercial business that benefits society through every transaction and project.
Feb 2009 - Sep 2014
New York, US
The first executive on Sir Richard Branson’s global initiative (founded by ten leading global entrepreneurs) harnessing their unique combined influence to accelerate profitable solutions to climate change. Reported to Jose Maria Figueres, Former President of Costa Rica. Peter initially served as sole Launch Director, becoming Director of Operations, then COO.
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Other Business Interests

Executive Fellow - Center for Business and the Environment
Oct 2015 - Present
New Haven, US
Peter is a Guest-lecturer on selected courses in Graduate and MBA programs. He accelerates social & environmental entrepreneurship at Yale including serving on judging panels of Sabin Prize and Sobotka Prize, 1x1 clinics and helping Yale Entrepreneurship Institute. Peter also provides career advice and leading student discussion groups on net-zero impact.
Roar Africa logo Roar Africa logo
Roar Africa
Advisory Board
Jun 2015 - Present
New York, US
ROAR AFRICA is the world’s only African travel brand with four centuries of lineage. Based in Manhattan, ROAR AFRICA today is led by the Zimbabwe- born CEO and Founder; delivering transformative tailored trips to Africa.
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Peter Boyd’s Education

BA Hons, Philosophy, Politics, Economics
1991 - 1994
6 Scottish Certificate Education ‘Highers’
1985 - 1991