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Michael Burleigh
Michael Burleigh is a historian and commentator. His books include the best-selling, The Third Reich: A New History; Small Wars, Far Away Places: The Genesis of the Modern World 1945–65, which was long-listed for the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize, which he won in 2001. He has also been active in bringing history to television audiences and won the British Film Institute Award for Archival Achievement. He writes regularly for the The Times, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday on international affairs.

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Michael Burleigh’s Newsfeed

17 Sep 2017
E Financial News
Let's lose the kid gloves and get tough on internet giants like Google and Facebook

Michael Burleigh writes: "Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge, Parsons Green – an alarming spate of attacks in the course of a single year.  MI5 and the police should be praised for thwarting numerous plots, particularly when you bear in mind that the authorities estimate there are no fewer than 23,000 people in the UK with the potential to become jihadis...we must be hard of heart and mind towards the hundreds of IS killers now held in detention in Iraq and Syria – and far too dangerous ever to be allowed back to these shores.  These fighters would have enormous credibility were they ever to return to Birmingham, Luton or Walthamstow. The French response to this has been simple: the identities of its overseas jihadis has been quietly shared with pro-Western local militias. They will not be returning to France."

07 Sep 2017
The Times
China is our best hope to curb North Korea

Michael Burleigh writes: "President Trump’s bellicosity is only worsening a regional crisis that could kill millions...The last thing China wanted this week was for North Korea to distract from the summit it hosted of the five-nation Brics club of emerging economies. President Xi of China cannot stand Kim Jong-un and has never bothered to meet his North Korean counterpart, as distinct from every Third World luminary who passes through Beijing."

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Michael Burleigh’s Background

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Sea Change Partners LLP
Founder and CEO
May 2012 - Present
London, UK
I run a pure political risk service that advises on major global trends as well as elections, parties, referenda etc and not on terrorism. We do not do due diligence or security work.

Michael Burleigh’s Education

BA First Class Honours Modern History; PhD 1982
1974 - 1977