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Michael Burleigh
Michael Burleigh is a historian and commentator. He has written 12 books including, Small Wars, Far Away Places: The Genesis of the Modern World 1945–65, which was long-listed for the 2014 Samuel Johnson Prize, which he won in 2001. He has also been active in bringing history to television audiences and won the British Film Institute Award for Archival Achievement. He writes regularly for the The Times, Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday on international affairs.

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Michael Burleigh’s Newsfeed

19 Jul 2017
America is our ally - but we must not be its poodle

Michael Burleigh says it's sometimes the job of a friend to urge restraint.  On the election trail, Donald Trump campaigned on an ‘America First’ ticket ...As President with his missile strike on Syria, he has done exactly the opposite...However Trump’s reversal of policy risks a terrifying escalation in global conflict...The hawks and ‘neocons’ on both sides of the Atlantic who supported our involvement in two disastrous wars in Afghanistan and Iraq are clearly delighted.

24 May 2017
Evening Standard
Michael Burleigh: More armed men alone will not prevent further terror attacks

You know something has gone very wrong when the national terror threat is raised to critical and troops have to free up armed policemen guarding key sites. This might not technically be like France’s ongoing state of emergency but the feel on our streets will be similar. The fact that a powerful bomb packed with shrapnel was used in the Manchester Arena attack is one reason Britain is now on the highest state of alert for precautionary reasons...

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Michael Burleigh’s Background

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Sea Change Partners LLP
Founder and CEO
May 2012 - Present
London, UK
I run a pure political risk service that advises on major global trends as well as elections, parties, referenda etc and not on terrorism. We do not do due diligence or security work.

Michael Burleigh’s Education

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BA First Class Honours Modern History; PhD 1982
1974 - 1977