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The Benefits of
Profiles for Board Members

Your Board Accurately and Elegantly Presented

At board level, members typically have high search reach, but are almost never consistent in how they or their roles are presented, if they are at all.

The Marque manages business profiles for entire boards, ensuring all board members are represented online with consistent, factual and up-to-date information.

The creation and updating of your board members’ Profiles are taken care of by the dedicated team at The Marque, saving your organization valuable resources.

Consistent Corporate Brand Identity

Managed Profiles ensure accuracy and that boards, and all their members, are uniformly represented. Your business partners and associates, stakeholders and online audience can read about your board members in a clear and consistent format. Profiles are a verifiable source for due diligence by interested parties and mitigate online risk or incorrect messaging, whilst addressing and correcting inaccuracies.

Corporate Brand Consistency

Factually Correct

Continually Updated

Trusted Source

Expertly Search Engine Optimized

Comprehensive Content

Philanthropic Interests